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According to Aunt Ning, Lin Yun was invited by a man, so she didnt go home.

As for who that man was, since the top floor was not a place Aunt Ning could go, and the people in the hospital kept their mouths shut, she was not able to find out.

Lin Yu wanted to seize this opportunity.

At the very least, she wanted to accuse Lin Yun of seducing men!

Lin Yun saw through Lin Yus plan.

However, she did not intend to reveal anything about Lu Chen.

Otherwise, Lin Cheng would not let her go!

Lin Yun glanced at Aunt Ning and then looked at Wang Lan.

“Mom, when I went to check, Aunt Ning was no longer outside.”

“I called a few times, but she didnt answer.

Thats why Ive been looking everywhere for her at the hospital.”

“But I didnt see Aunt Ning for a long time, so I left a message for her and said that I was waiting for her at the flower bed outside the hospital!”

Aunt Nings heart skipped a beat.

She knew that what Lin Yun said was true.

At that time, she was talking to Lin Yu and didnt have the time to care about Lin Yuns call.

As for the message, she really didnt see it!

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Aunt Ning rolled her eyes and hurriedly said, “The hospitals signal is not good.

I didnt receive Miss Xiaoyuns call.

As for the message, I didnt receive it either!”

“On the other hand, Miss Xiaoyun didnt answer any of my calls!”

Hearing Auntie Nings righteous words, Wang Lan looked at Lin Yun again.

Lin Yun curled her lips.

“Then take out your phone.

Lets see whos lying!”

Lin Yun knew that Aunt Ning hadnt called her at all.

Those calls were all from Wang Lan.

It went without saying that Aunt Ning couldnt make a call record now!

However, Lin Yun was different.

She had long implanted a message receiving device in Aunt Nings phone.

Now, the message she had mentioned happened to be lying in her reading message bar.

As for whether Aunt Ning saw this message or not, Lin Yun did not intend to analyze it in detail!

Aunt Ning knew that she was in the wrong, so she didnt dare to take out her phone.

Wang Lan didnt intend to let Lin Yun off so easily.

She said, “Aunt Ning, take out your phone.

Well see!”

Lin Yu suddenly recalled her conversation with Aunt Ning just now.

If others found out about her conversation with Aunt Ning, they might guess that she and Aunt Ning had joined forces to tease Lin Yun.

Lin Yu thought for a moment and gritted her teeth.

Suddenly, she covered her stomach with one hand.

“Ouch, it hurts…”

When Wang Lan heard Lin Yus painful cry, she couldnt care less.

She quickly turned around to check on her condition.

“Whats wrong Where does it hurt”

“Stomach, stomach pain.” Lin Yu bit her lower lip, looking like she was about to bleed from the pain.

Wang Lans heart ached even more as she hurriedly called for the butler to send another car over.

Lin Yun looked at Lin Yu standing in front of her with a pained expression.

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Wang Lan was flustered and didnt know how to take care of Lin Yu.

Lin Yun smiled and placed her hands in front of her.

She tilted her head slightly and watched Lin Yus performance.

Although Lin Yu cried out in pain and her lips were slightly purple, her eyes were wandering.

If others casually glanced at her, they would know that she was acting!

However, Wang Lan was too concerned and didnt notice Lin Yus tricks!

In her previous life, Lin Yu had won the championship and debuted.

She had appeared in many television dramas and movies.

Unfortunately, her poor acting skills were criticized by the audience for a long time.

Her fans tried their best to protect her reputation.

They would say that her most important talents were singing and composing.

If her acting skills were not good, she could slowly practice!

There were also people who counted her works since her debut and pointed out her efforts and every improvement!

Later on, Lin Yun had to ask Director Luo to find her a few teachers to improve her acting skills.

From the looks of it, her acting skills were terrible in front of Lin Yun, let alone on the big screen!

Unfortunately, Wang Lan was so concerned that she couldnt tell that Lin Yu was pretending!

The butler called the chauffeur over to pick them up.

In less than three to five minutes, Wang Lan had already brought Lin Yu to the hospital.

Lin Yun looked at Wang Lans anxious figure and had a strange feeling in her heart.

Why was she so stupid back then to believe their lies


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