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“Arent you going to ask what mission it is” Luna asked in disbelief.

“Are there any missions that are too difficult for me” Lin Yun asked lightly.

Luna replied without hesitation, “No!”

Lin Yun tapped on the keyboard.

“Send it over! Ive been short of money recently.

The more missions, the better!”

“Eh Are you still short of money” Luna seemed to be in disbelief.

“No wonder you always select big assignments!”

“I thought you had eaten your fill the first two times!”

Lin Yun knew that Luna was referring to the order she had accepted from Lin Cheng and another rich family.

These two orders made Lin Yun a lot of money, but the amount was still far from what she needed now!

If she remembered correctly, the Ling Corporation would soon face a major management crisis.

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In her previous life, Lin Cheng took this opportunity to buy 40% of the Ling Corporations shares and became the largest shareholder.

At about the same time, due to the negative news of the new Masked King of Singers, the viewership ratings of the show plummeted.

There were even investors who withdrew their investments in advance because of uneven distribution of profits.

Lin Cheng seized this opportunity and invested a large sum of money.

Not only did he buy Lin Yu the first place, but he even made this show turn the tables in the finals.

The show became the viewership champion.

Lin Cheng had also made a killing.

This time, Lin Yun did not intend to let Lin Cheng have the upper hand.

Since the Ling family and the Lin family had already fallen out, it was better for her to reap the benefits!

However, in order to complete these two things, Lin Yun had to do more than complete a couple of missions!

Lin Yun selected the missions with the highest rewards from the mission list sent by Luna.

Luna couldnt help but sigh.

“I can tell that youre short of money!”

“All the best! I have faith in you!” Luna said and went offline.

Lin Yun looked at Lunas darkened dialog box and frowned slightly.

The rewards from these missions were inevitably limited.

She had to think of other ways to gather the money as soon as possible.

Lin Yun took out a notebook and recorded her recent plan to raise money.

To Lin Yun, this script was her motivation.

She wanted to earn more money so that she could have more capital to leave the Lin family and let the Lin family receive their retribution!

Lin Yun read through the information Luna provided again and began her plan to raise money.

The mission of these few orders was not complicated.

It was just to resolve some shady matters for some rich businessmen.

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Lin Yun could easily do this.

Due to her professional ethics, other than Lin Chengs matter last time, she deleted the information of the other clients in time to prevent future trouble.

Lin Yun was looking at one of the orders when her phone suddenly rang.

She frowned at the number.

It was an unknown caller.

After thinking for a moment, Lin Yun picked up the phone.

“Hello, who is this”

The other party immediately introduced himself.

“Hello, Miss Lin.

Im CEO Lus assistant, Ning Kun.”

Lin Yun recognized Ning Kuns voice, but she didnt expect him to call her at this time.

“Assistant Ning, whats the matter” Lin Yun replied politely, not showing any dissatisfaction at being disturbed.

Ning Kun coughed in embarrassment and said, “Its like this.

CEO Lu…”

“Ahem…” For some reason, Ning Kun suddenly coughed.

After a while, Ning Kun said again, “Miss Lin, CEO Lu happened to have obtained a medicine.

Its said to be very effective for wounds.”

“You might need it.

Ill send someone to send it to you tomorrow, alright” Ning Kun asked respectfully.

Lin Yun was stunned for a moment before she suddenly remembered that Lu Chen did have such a “divine medicine”.

It was said that this medicine was an important invention of Lu Chens pharmaceutical research institute.

Because of this medicine, the shares of the Lu Corporation had increased by several times!

Lin Yun had been with Lu Chen for a long time in her past life, so she was naturally familiar with this medicine.

However, this medicine was expensive.

That medical genius, Guan Ling, would not easily give it to strangers! It seemed like Lu Chen had gone to ask for this favor!

What Lin Yun did not know was that although Guan Ling had a strange temper, he was also cold to outsiders and looked unreasonable.

However, he listened to Lu Chen and even trusted him on many matters.


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