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Seeing Lin Yun hesitate, Ning Kun didnt dare to say anything else.

He only said, “I hope Miss Lin can recover soon.”

Lin Yun nodded politely.

“Thank you, Assistant Ning!”

With that, Lin Yun said goodbye to Ning Kun and returned to the school.

Since Ning Kun did not reveal that Lu Chen had come personally, Lin Yun did not intend to meet him.

It was good for the two of them to maintain their distance!

Ning Kun looked at Lin Yuns departing figure and hesitated for a moment before quickly returning to the car.

The car window slowly lowered, and Lu Chens cold face appeared.

“CEO Lu, the medicine has been delivered,” Ning Kun said nervously.

CEO Lu didnt have to make this trip, but he rushed to the company early in the morning and said that he wanted the driver to send Ning Kun over to deliver the medicine.

Before Ning Kun could lament that CEO Lu had specially assigned a chauffeur to his subordinate, he suddenly realized that CEO Lu wanted to come along.

Ning Kun naturally did not dare to refuse.

He could only complete the mission of delivering the medicine under the watch of his boss.

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Initially, he thought that if Lin Yun could thank Lu Chen personally, his boss would definitely be much happier.

After all, CEO Lus attitude towards Lin Yun was indeed a little different.


It was vastly different!

However, since Lin Yun did not seem to have any intention of getting close to CEO Lu, Ning Kun did not know what to say.

Ning Kun stood outside the car and waited for Lu Chens instructions.

Lu Chen looked in the direction where Lin Yun left.

“Youve given her the medicine”

“Yes!” Ning Kun immediately replied, ” And Miss Lin asked me to convey her thanks to you!”

“Hmm,” Lu Chens voice was emotionless.

Ning Kun was hesitating about what to do when Lu Chen said, “Get in.”

Ning Kun did not dare to delay and hurriedly opened the passenger door and got in.

Lin Yun had only taken a few steps into the school when she saw Lin Yu walking towards her.

Lin Yu was dressed like a young university student.

Her high ponytail, paired with a pure white T-shirt and blue jeans, and a pair of white sneakers made her look especially refreshing.

Lin Yu was already good-looking, so she attracted a lot of attention as she walked on the campus in a youthful outfit.

She was carrying two books in her hands and a deflated one-shouldered backpack on her shoulder.

She didnt look like she was here for school; it looked more like she was in a street scene.

Lin Yun did not want to face her directly.

She turned around and planned to walk towards the research institute.

Lin Yu saw Lin Yun and quickly walked towards her.

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Lin Yun had yet to recover from her injuries, so her legs were naturally not as agile as Lin Yus.

As Lin Yu walked, she called out softly, “Sister! Sister! Sister Lin Yun!”

Lin Yus call caused everyone one around them to shift their gaze towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun frowned but did not stop.

Lin Yu quickly chased after her and asked, “Sister, didnt you hear me call you”

“Do I have to stop and wait for you” Lin Yun bent down slightly and glanced at the textbook in Lin Yus hand.

She couldnt help but smile.

“What are you smirking at” Lin Yu felt that Lin Yuns smile seemed to have a hint of mockery, making her feel very uncomfortable.

Lin Yun didnt say much and asked directly, “Why did you stop me”

Lin Yuns question stumped Lin Yu.

She had nothing to do to begin with.

She stopped Lin Yun because she wanted the people around her to know that this was the “fake daughter” who caused a stir on the Internet.

Lin Yu bit her lower lip and her eyes darted around before she said, “I just came to school to get the materials for admission and am not familiar with this place.

Since you are here, can you bring me around the school”

“Are you asking me to show you around” Lin Yun raised her eyebrows slightly.

No other emotions could be seen.

Lin Yu quickly nodded and said, “If youre not busy.”

Lin Yun said without hesitation, “Im very busy.”

Lin Yu froze when she was rejected.

She secretly gritted her teeth before revealing a pure smile again.

“Sister, arent you willing to help me”

“Or do you think that I caused you harm by returning to the Lin family, so youre unwilling to talk to me”

As Lin Yu spoke, she felt wronged and was about to cry.

Lin Yun quietly looked at Lin Yus clumsy acting and glanced at the surrounding crowd.

Lin Yu cried as she waited for the surrounding crowd to criticize her heartless sister, but she realized that those people didnt seem to have any interest in participating.

They were unlike Lin Yus “righteous” friends who would definitely swarm over if anything happened.

Did these people really only know how to watch the show

Lin Yu couldnt help but despise these people.


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