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Aunt Xu pushed Lin Yun all the way to the dining room.

Lin Yun looked at the three people sitting at the dining table and suddenly felt that she was so silly in her previous life!

The three of them were clearly a loving family…

How could they tolerate an outsider like her being an eyesore here!

Why did I choose to stay in the Lin family and suffer all those sins!

The more Lin Yun thought about it, the more ridiculous she felt.

She couldnt help but smile.

Seeing this, Lin Cheng and Wang Lan thought that Lin Yun was coming back to make a scene.

They were a little surprised to see her like this.

Lin Yun looked at Lin Yu.

She was thin and small, looking harmless…

She was not as coquettish as she was in the future, nor was she as bloodthirsty and ruthless!

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The environment really changes people! Lin Yun couldnt help but sigh in her heart…

If Lin Yu had not returned to the Lin family back then, would she have lived her life being so simple and innocent

Lin Yun shook her head to rid herself of these strange thoughts.

She looked at the sumptuous spread before her and pouted.

“Dad, Mom, I want to talk to you!”

Lin Cheng and Wang Lan obviously didnt expect Lin Yun to come back at this time.

They were stunned for a moment.

Lin Yun didnt find it strange.

She asked, “Or should I wait until after dinner”

When Lin Yun said this, Wang Lan seemed to have finally remembered something.

She quickly got up and walked towards Lin Yun.

“Xiao Yun, why did you come back by yourself Have you eaten Do you feel uncomfortable”

Wang Lans words of concern did not cause any waves in Lin Yuns heart.

There was a smile on her face, but her gaze was distant.

“Im not hungry.

I just ate at the hospital!”

Wang Lan suddenly felt a little awkward.

Lin Yuns words made it clear that she was eating bland food in the hospital while they were celebrating.

“That, Xiao Yun, look, this is Xiao Yu, you…” Wang Lan glanced at Lin Cheng and then said,” Your sister! ”

Lin Yun raised her eyebrows and looked at Lin Yu.

Lin Yu was also sizing her up.

Her gaze was still timid, as if Lin Yun could eat people.

Lin Yun decided to ignore Lin Yu.

After all, she had other things to do.

“Mom, I think that since your biological daughter is back, I should…” Lin Yun was about to leave when she was interrupted by Wang Lan.

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Wang Lan seemed to have guessed what Lin Yun was going to say.

She quickly bent down and gently hugged Lin Yun.

“Dont worry! Even if youre not our biological daughter, we wont abandon you!”

Lin Yun frowned subconsciously.

“I know you might be worried about Xiao Yu…” Wang Lan did not let go of Lin Yun and continued,” We will adopt you.

You will both be our daughters in the future! ”

Lin Yun couldnt help but sneer in her heart, but she didnt express it too clearly.

She gently pulled Wang Lans arm away and shook her head.

“Since your biological daughter is back, I also want to look for …”

“No!” Wang Lans voice was shrill, perhaps because she was agitated by Lin Yuns words.

Lin Yun was shocked by Wang Lans attitude.

Lin Yu frowned when she heard Wang Lans rejection.

Wang Lan noticed that her attitude was a little agitated.

She quickly restrained herself and said, “We will talk to your biological parents…”

“After all, their living conditions are really not very good!” Wang Lan said and looked at Lin Cheng.

Lin Cheng nodded.

Wang Lan turned back to look at Lin Yun.

“Weve raised you well for the past ten years.

We cant bear to see you suffer there!”

“You can rest assured and stay in the Lin family from now on.

We will treat you like our own daughter!” Wang Lan promised solemnly as she held Lin Yuns hands tightly.

Lin Yun didnt say anything else when she saw how determined Wang Lan was.

After all, it was not convenient for her to move around now.

Even if she wanted to leave the Lin family, she had to recover first.

Lin Yu was obviously still brooding over Wang Lans attitude.

However, she knew how to restrain herself and did not show it too obviously.

If Lin Yun had not deliberately observed her emotions, she might still have been fooled by her innocent look!

When Lin Yun finally agreed to Wang Lans suggestion and would not leave the Lin family for the time being, Lin Yu walked around the dining table.

She walked up to Lin Yun and looked down at her.

For a moment, Lin Yun saw hatred in Lin Yus eyes.


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