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Lin Yun and Lin Yu turned to look at the same time.

Someone reached out and grabbed Lin Yus wrist.

That person exerted some force without changing his expression.

Lin Yu immediately screamed and let go.

She held her wrist in pain and glared at the man who had come out to cause trouble.

“Who are you! How dare you hit me!”

Mu Sheng looked at Lin Yu, who had a vicious look on her face, and said expressionlessly, “I didnt hit you!”

“Im just asking you to let go.”

“Thats very rude behavior.

And you hurt her!”

Lin Yu looked at the strange man in front of her in disbelief.

“You even hurt me!”

“Who are you” Lin Yu asked warily again.

There were so many people watching; no one stood out but this man, and he was actually siding with Lin Yun!

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Lin Yu gritted her teeth in hatred.

“Could it be that you and my sister…”

As Lin Yu spoke, her face revealed an expression that said that the two of them had an unspeakable relationship.

Mu Sheng looked at Lin Yu, who looked like she was caught in the act, and couldnt help but frown.

“Im Lin Yuns senior.”

“Whatever thoughts you have in your head, I want you to regard our relationship in a way a normal person would.”

“What do you mean Are you saying that Im abnormal” Lin Yu immediately caught the drift.


Mu Sheng sighed helplessly and said, “I dont care what you think, but speak nicely and dont hurt anyone.”

“Besides, Lin Yun is injured.

Do you want her injuries to worsen”

Lin Yu couldnt help but snort when she saw that Mu Sheng was defending Lin Yun.

She was very disgusted by this unexpected person.

She turned to look at the crowd around her, but she sneered.

“This man is so nosy.

How dare he say that he doesnt have an affair with my sister”

“If you two really like each other, why dont I go back and help you tell Dad and Mom Dont waste their efforts trying to find a good match for you!”

When Lin Yun heard the word “marriage”, it felt like the back of her head had exploded.

Thats right, the Lin couple had spent a lot of effort to find her a marriage partner…

Back then, Lin Yun purely thought that her parents were doing this for her own good, so they did everything they could to find a good marriage for her.

Lin Yun couldnt accept her fiancé at that time.

However, after her fiancé faced some issues and Lin Yun was sent to the Lu family, this troublesome match was resolved.

At that time, Lin Yun thought that the Lin couple doted on her.

She also felt that she should give up everything she had obtained in the past decade for Lin Yu.

When she finally realized that everything was just a scam, her regret was something Lin Yu could never understand in her life!

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Lin Yun closed her eyes slightly to prevent her hatred from being too obvious.

At this moment, Mu Sheng said again, “Why is a young girl like you filled with strange thoughts”

“I dont know how you got into Lian, but I advise you to be careful with your words and actions in school.”

“Im doing this for your own good.

Youll understand in the future.”

After Mu Sheng finished speaking, before Lin Yu could react, he reached out and asked Lin Yun, “Do you need me to help you leave”

Lin Yun opened her eyes and smiled faintly.

“No need.

I can do it myself.”

Mu Sheng didnt insist and only said to Lin Yun, “Youre going to the research institute, right Ill accompany you.”

Lin Yun did not refuse.

She nodded and turned to walk forward.

With Mu Sheng by her side, at least Lin Yu couldnt hurt her like before.

Lin Yun and Mu Sheng walked forward together.

There were even many students looking at them enviously.

Mu Sheng was a famous talent in Li An.

He was also trusted by the professors and had high hopes for him.

However, he hated those who fawned on him.

Seeing him walking with Lin Yun, many people started to envy her.

However, there were also some people who expressed their envy and jealousy towards Senior Musheng.

After all, Lin Yun was also an influential figure in school.

She had been a genius in the celebrity circle since she was young, and she looked pure and refined.

She was different from Lin Yu.

Although Lin Yu looked youthful, her features were charming, Lin Yun had a pure aura that made people feel happy in her presence.


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