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Lin Yu walked out of the coffee shop and took out a piece of tissue to wipe her hands.

“Why dont you take a look at yourself! You actually want my phone number!” Lin Yu said as she fiercely threw the used tissue into the trash can.

Not long after she left, a pair of hands reached for the trash can and picked up the tissue she had just discarded.

Mu Sheng accompanied Lin Yun all the way to the research institute.

The two of them were not familiar with each other, so they did not interact much.

When she reached the entrance of the research institute, Lin Yun stood still and turned to thank Mu Sheng.

“Senior, thank you for what you did just now!”

Mu Sheng scratched the back of his head and seemed a little embarrassed.

“Its nothing.

Youre welcome!”

Lin Yun still smiled at Mu Sheng.

“There were so many people, but no one was willing to help.

You were the only one who stood up for met.”

“So, I should thank you!” Lin Yun said sincerely.

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Mu Sheng did not refuse and said, “If theres anything you need help with in the future, just tell me!”

Lin Yun nodded slightly in agreement.

After saying goodbye to Mu Sheng, Lin Yun walked into the research institute.

Lin Yun had been holding the medicine that Lu Chen had just given her.

When Lin Yu pulled her hard, she didnt know if the bottles inside were broken.

Lin Yun opened the medicine box and heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, these medicine bottles were packed tightly and were not damaged at all.

Lin Yun picked up the “nourishing medicine” Ning Kun mentioned and looked at it again and again.

She couldnt help but laugh.

Lu Chen was also a genius.

He knew that she had lost too much blood and actually included supplements for women to nourish her body.

Lin Yun couldnt help but chuckle and shake her head.

However, Lin Yun did not find it strange that Lu Chen would do such a thing.

Back when she was taking care of Lu Chens daily life in the Lu family, he often solved some life problems with a straight mans way of thinking.

At that time, Lin Yun was speechless, but now, she felt that he was a little cute.

Lin Yun put away the medicine again, tidied up her things, and prepared to leave.

Just as she reached the school gate and was about to contact the driver, she heard a screech not far away.

She subconsciously looked in the direction of the voice and saw a car speeding in her direction.

Lin Yun was already injured, so it was inconvenient for her to move.

She could not react in time.

At that moment, she felt someone pull her arm tightly and she fell back.

After being dragged more than a meter away from her original spot, Lin Yun gritted her teeth and stood up.

She could feel her wound opening up again.

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“Damn it!” Lin Yun cursed under her breath.

He did not let go of her hand.

She could hear his rapid breathing.

Lin Yun turned around and was puzzled.

“Senior Mu Sheng”

Mu Sheng panted heavily and looked at Lin Yun.

“Yes! Are you alright”

Lin Yun nodded and thanked him again.

“Im fine! Thank you!”

Before the two of them could celebrate their survival, they saw the car turn around again.

Lin Yun wanted to dodge to the side, but Mu Sheng grabbed her and ran towards the school.

The two of them were only three to five meters away from the school and quickly jumped into the school.

However, Lin Yuns legs were injured, and her wound had been affected by the strain of getting away from the car.

She frowned in pain.

Blood had seeped out of her clothes.

When Mu Sheng saw this, he cursed inwardly.

Then, he bent down and carried Lin Yun horizontally.

Lin Yun did not expect Mu Sheng to do this.

After exclaiming, she held onto Mu Shengs neck.

Mu Sheng did not hesitate and carried Lin Yun to the schools infirmary, which was fortunately not too far from the school gate.

He then stood outside the door and waited for the doctor in the infirmary to give Lin Yun a checkup and a simple treatment.

After treating the wound, the doctor didnt forget to remind her, “Hurry up and go to the hospital to treat the wound.

Your wound has already ruptured!”

Lin Yun thanked him and walked out of the medical room.

Mu Sheng was still standing at the door.

When she saw Lin Yun come out, he asked with concern, “How is it Shall I accompany you to the hospital”

Lin Yun shook her head and was about to refuse when Mu Sheng stopped her.

“That car was obviously coming for you.

Youre alone now.

Its very dangerous!”

Lin Yun knew that Mu Sheng was telling the truth.

She was not stupid, so she nodded and said, “Then Ill have to trouble you!”


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