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“CEO Lu, Dark One refused to accept our mission.” Ning Kun looked at Wing Worlds reply and reported to Lu Chen.

“Why” Lu Chen asked briefly.

Ning Kun hesitated for a moment before saying, “Theres no reason! The other party replied that hes free to decide!”

Lu Chen frowned, his emotions unreadable.

Ning Kun waited nervously at the side, afraid that Lu Chen would suddenly explode.

Recently, because of Miss Lin Yun, CEO Lus emotions seemed to be out of control.

Ning Kun didnt know if he should discuss with Miss Lin Yun and not provoke CEO Lu from time to time.

After all, CEO Lu did not have much experience with women over the years.

There was so much excitement all of a sudden that even he, a bystander, could not stand it!

However, ever since CEO Lu accepted Miss Lins blood transfusion, his attitude towards Miss Lin had been very confusing.

Ning Kun even felt that CEO Lu might have developed an imprint reaction because of Miss Lins blood in his body…

Ning Kun slapped himself and scolded himself for his ridiculous thoughts.

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Lu Chen didnt notice Ning Kuns actions.

Instead, he was thinking about the reason why Dark One refused to accept the order.

The rule of accepting orders in Wing World had always been to look at money and not people.

Judging from Dark Ones efficiency in breaking through the security network, he must be an expert.

Or did Dark One know that those orders were from the Lu Corporation Does he have a grudge against the Lu Corporation


Was that why he was unwilling to take these orders

Lu Chen thought about it and felt that this was the most reasonable explanation.

But if that was the case… Lu Corporation was probably in big trouble!

Lu Chens expression became even colder.

Ning Kun couldnt help but feel a chill down his spine.

When Fu Heng pushed open the door of Lu Chens office, he saw Lu Chen writing with a serious expression.

Ning Kun stood at the side nervously.

Fu Heng gritted his teeth and said, “Third Brother, theres news from Old Master.”

Lu Chen raised his head slightly and looked at Fu Heng.


Fu Heng hesitated for a moment before accepting his fate and saying, “Old Master said that since you have been recuperating at home recently and cant help with the companys matters, you should take this opportunity to nurture our relationship with your fiancée!”

“Fiancée” Lu Chen raised his eyebrows slightly.

His voice sounded low and dangerous.

Fu Heng laughed dryly.

“You know that Old Master has been trying his best to find you a suitable fiancée all these years.”

“Previously, you always used work as an excuse to decline.


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“If you leave it to the Old Master, he will send you a beauty!”

Lu Chen looked at Fu Heng with an unfathomable expression.

Fu Heng raised his arm and looked at her.

“Dont look at me like that! I have goosebumps!”

Lu Chen narrowed his eyes and said, “Send her back!”

Fu Heng quickly protested, “Arent you going to ask which family shes from”

“Its very rude to send her back like this!”

Lu Chen raised his head slightly and looked at Fu Heng.

“Youll accept her”

Fu Heng hurriedly waved his hands.

“Dont! I wont be able to take it!”

Seeing Fu Hengs intense rejection, Lu Chen seemed to have thought of something.

The corners of his lips curled up.

“Tan Qing”

Hearing this name, Fu Heng felt like he had been punched hard.

He walked to Lu Chens desk dejectedly and sat down on the guest chair.

Ning Kun finally revealed a look of realization.

Fu Heng glanced at Ning Kun and said, “As the saying goes, seeing through things without revealing is the most basic courtesy.”

Lu Chen snorted and said, “No wonder you came to deliver the news so enthusiastically.”

Fu Heng hurriedly said with a righteous expression, “I came to deliver the message as soon as I heard the news.

I only found out who the candidate was on the way here.”

“Then what are your plans now” Lu Chen asked.

Fu Heng was stunned for a moment before shaking his head.

“What plans can I have Ill take it one step at a time.”

“Anyway, she doesnt like me.”

Lu Chen did not continue asking.

He only said to Ning Kun, “Call the Old Master and ask him to bring her back.”

“Sigh!” Ning Kun was about to agree when he thought about it and said, “Why dont we get Mr.

Fu to send her back”

Lu Chen turned to look at Ning Kun.

He did not expect him to have such thoughts.

Lu Chen nodded and said, “Lets do that!”

When Fu Heng, who was still dejected, heard this, he immediately waved his hand and said, “No! How awkward!”

Lu Chen snorted.

“Lets do that! Ill leave her to you!”

Without giving Fu Heng a chance to retort, Lu Chen gestured for Ning Kun to push the wheelchair out.


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