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Lin Yun slightly lowered her eyebrows and secretly laughed in her heart: Why didnt she realize Lin Yus intentions back then!

She clearly did not know how to hide her true colors!

It was probably at that time that she suddenly found out about the mystery of her birth and was shocked.

That was why she neglected such an obvious hatred!

Lin Yun secretly shook her head.

In this life, she would definitely not be as cowardly as before!

Lin Yun looked up at Lin Yu again and saw that she had put on a happy expression.

“Hello, Sister Lin Yun.

Nice to meet you.

Im Lin Yu.” Lin Yu extended her hand in a friendly manner.

She looked really harmless.

Lin Yun looked at the pair of fair and slender hands in front of her, and the blood-stained fingers flashed across her mind.

All of a sudden, Lin Yun felt her throat tighten.

She bent forward and vomited.

Wang Lan and Lin Yu jumped in fright and hurriedly dodged.


Aunt Xu rushed forward and asked with concern, “Miss, are you alright”

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Lin Yun waved her hand and said, “Its probably because I didnt digest the food that night.

Its a little disgusting.”

Aunt Xu patted Lin Yuns back gently, trying to make her feel better.

Lin Yu approached Wang Lan and gently held her arm.

Wang Lan patted Lin Yus hand in an attempt to calm herself down.

After this ordeal, Lin Yun had saved herself the trouble of exchanging meaningless pleasantries with Lin Yu.

Lin Cheng stood not far away and said, “If you dont feel well, go back to your room and rest first!”


Lin Yun took a look at Lin Cheng and then at Wang Lan and Lin Yu.

Then, she said to Aunt Xu, “Aunt Xu, please push me back to my room.”

Aunt Xu pushed Lin Yun out of the dining room after Wang Lan agreed.

Lin Yun sat in the wheelchair and heard Lin Yu ask Wang Lan softly, “Does Sister not like me”

Then, Wang Lan and Lin Cheng quickly consoled Lin Yu to prevent her from getting hurt the moment she entered the Lin family.

Lin Yun returned to her room and sat on the wheelchair, looking at the room that still belonged to her.

She remembered that in her previous life, when Lin Yun came back from the hospital, this room had already been changed to Lin Yus bedroom.

Lin Yun couldnt refuse and could only silently endure it.

This room was on the east side of the Lin familys mansion.

It was the room closest to the garden.

She remembered that when Lin Cheng had instructed the interior designer to create a door to the garden because Lin Yun liked to look at flowers.

Perhaps the happiness at that time was real…

It was because she was still the eldest daughter of the Lin family!

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Lin Yun revealed a self-mocking smile, looking a bit bitter.

Madam Xu laid out the mattress for Lin Yun.

When she turned to look at Lin Yun, she happened to see a bitter smile on her face.

Aunt Xu walked forward with a pained expression.

“Miss, are you alright”

Lin Yun shook her head and was about to say something when someone knocked on the door.

Lin Yun frowned.

Aunt Xu had already walked over to open the door.

Wang Lan and Lin Yu were standing outside.

Aunt Xu quickly moved aside and let Wang Lan and Lin Yu enter the room.

Lin Yun turned her wheelchair clumsily and faced Wang Lan and Lin Yu.

What was supposed to come couldnt be avoided…

Wang Lan pulled Lin Yus hand and sat down on the nearest sofa.

“Xiao Yun, I have something to tell you,” Wang Lan said as she grabbed Lin Yus hands tightly.

Lin Yun smiled.

Just a moment ago, she had insisted on not talking to her.

Now, she had come knocking on her door because of Lin Yu!

What great maternal love!

Although Lin Yun was unhappy, she didnt show it on the surface.

She looked at Wang Lan and smiled.

“If you have something to say, just say it.”

“Its like this…” Wang Lan said and glanced at Lin Yu.” Xiao Yu just returned to the Lin family, so shes not familiar with everything.

“The two of you are around the same age, so its easier for her to get along with you than us,” Wang Lan continued, looking at Lin Yun with an especially sincere gaze.

“Your father and I have been discussing.

You should bring Xiao Yu along and help her more so that she can adapt to the life of the Lin family as soon as possible.”

“What do you think”

Lin Yun listened to Wang Lans words.

Although it was a question, it was obvious from Wang Lans attitude that she clearly did not intend for her to reject it.

It was the same in her previous life.

Wang Lans so-called entrustment of Lin Yu to her care was merely to find a cheap nanny for Lin Yu.

She had sacrificed so much for Lin Yu, but in the end, all she got in return was an unjust death!

Lin Yun wasnt in a hurry to answer.

She just looked at Lin Yu.

Seeing that Lin Yun didnt agree immediately, Lin Yu was a little unhappy.

She was smart enough not to show it, but only revealed an innocent smile.

“Sister, Ill have to trouble you in the future!”


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