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Aunt Xu didnt know what to do.

Just as she was hesitating, Aunt Ning turned around and rushed out of the ward.

After a while, Director Li arrived at the ward with two assistants.

“Madam Lin, why didnt you tell me you were coming” Director Li, whose head was bright, smiled obsequiously at Wang Lan.

Wang Lan looked at Director Li with a smile.

“Director Li, Im sorry to trouble you at this time.”

“Look at what youre saying!” Director Lis smile widened.

“Its my honor to serve you!”

Lin Yun looked at Wang Lan and Director Li, and felt her stomach surge.

The two of them chatted for a while before Wang Lan looked at Lin Yun.

“This disappointing adopted daughter of mine didnt even greet Director Li when she came to the hospital.”

“She was casually stuffed into such a ward.

Its really…”

As Wang Lan spoke, she sighed heavily, as if she had been wronged.

When Director Li heard this, he frowned and asked his assistant beside him coldly, “Go and ask who admitted Miss Lin Yun.

Why didnt you know that the Lin family is our academys VIP!”

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One of the assistants quickly ran out to ask about the situation.

Director Li smiled at Wang Lan and said, “Its probably because that new doctor doesnt know the hospital rules.

Madam Lin, Miss Lin, please dont mind it.”

Wang Lan waved her hand and said, “Its not Director Lis fault, but the people in this hospital still have to be properly disciplined!”

“Definitely! Definitely!” Director Li held his chest slightly, looking like he was trying to please her.

Wang Lan glanced at Lin Yun.

Her gaze seemed to be telling Lin Yun that the Lin family had a superior existence!

Lin Yun didnt want to bother with the two people in front of her who were pretending to flatter each other.

She instructed Aunt Xu to adjust her bed and planned to lie down to rest.

Wang Lan saw that Lin Yun was about to lie down and rest in front of her.

How could she let an outsider like Director Li see such an unruly action!

Wang Lan shouted in a low voice, “Xiao Yun! Remember that youre the daughter of the Lin family!”

“How can you be so unruly outside!”

Lin Yun looked sideways at Wang Lan.

“Mom, Im in the hospital now.

Im still a patient.

Shouldnt a patient rest”

Wang Lan paused for a moment before saying, “Even if youre sick, you should maintain the demeanor of our Lin family!”

Lin Yun resisted the urge to roll her eyes and said again, “The doctor instructed me to rest more.”

Lin Yun did not tell Wang Lan about her illness.

After all, Lin Yun was not sure who the mastermind behind this was.

At the very least, Lin Yun didnt dare to make any assumptions before she obtained the evidence.

However, she did not intend to listen to Wang Lans suggestion and defend the Lin family.

That was the Lin familys business! What did it have to do with her as the “adopted daughter”

Lin Yun ignored Wang Lan and lay on the bed, instructing Aunt Xu to hurry up.

Aunt Xu glanced at Wang Lan before walking over to adjust the bed for Lin Yun.

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Lin Yun lay on the bed and soon felt sleepy.

“Whats going on Which ignorant doctor arranged for Miss Lin to stay here” Director Li asked.

The assistant hesitated for a moment and looked at Wang Lan and Lin Yun before looking at Director Li awkwardly.

Director Li immediately displayed his authority.

“What are you waiting for Tell me!”

“Youre my assistant.

Cant you even control the junior doctors in this department”

Lin Yun listened to Director Lis shouts in a daze.

She didnt expect the assistant of the hospital director to have such power!

Director Li glared at the assistant angrily and secretly scolded this ignorant assistant for embarrassing him in front of Madam Lin!

Wang Lan glanced at the assistant with a look of disdain.

As expected, he was not someone that could be taken seriously.

He could not even do such a small thing well!

The assistant still looked troubled, not knowing how to explain to Director Li.

Director Li was already furious at Wang Lans disdainful gaze.

He slapped the junior assistant.

“What are you doing!”

“Ill go ask myself!”

Director Li was about to walk out of the ward.

At that moment, the ward door was pushed open again.

The old doctor came in with a few doctors.

“I heard that the patient is transferring to another ward” the old doctor said as he walked in.

When Director Li saw who it was, he was stunned for a moment.

Just as he was about to speak, he was stopped by the old doctor.

“This is my patient.

You have to get my permission to transfer her!”


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