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When Wang Lan saw that Doctor Yao actually dared to instruct her like this, she immediately flew into a rage.

“Who do you think you are!”

“Who are you to order Director Li around!Do you know that Director Li is the administrative director of your hospital!”

“Hes the second in command, after the dean!”

“I think youre just a young doctor who just left school.

How dare you speak to your superior like this! Or do you think youre so powerful just because youre with a white-haired old doctor!”

Wang Lan spat at Doctor Yao like a machine gun.

Doctor Yao did not seem to care about what Wang Lan said.

He didnt even look at Wang Lan.

Instead, he said to Director Li expressionlessly, “Director Li, please!”

Director Li secretly clenched his fists.

Looking at Doctor Yaos businesslike appearance, he knew that he had no right to refute.

First, Yao Cheng was Doctor Liangs favorite student.

He definitely could not afford to offend him.

Second, there was nothing wrong with his request.

In fact, it was more in line with the hospitals rules.

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Third, this was Doctor Liangs order before he left.

Naturally, he had to carry it out!

However, how should he deal with this noisy Madam Lin

Director Li felt that the woman beside him was constantly chattering.

He wished he had a needle and thread in his hand that could quickly sew her mouth shut!


After Wang Lan finished speaking, the two people in front of her actually ignored her.

She immediately picked up her phone angrily and made a call.

“Hey, Hubby, come to the hospital quickly! Something big has happened!” Wang Lan said as she glared at Doctor Yao.


Yao didnt look at him.

He just stared at Director Li.

Director Li lowered his head and sighed helplessly.

After Wang Lan hung up the phone, he turned slightly and gestured for her to go ahead.

“Madam Lin, its not convenient to talk here.

Lets talk in the office!” Director Li could only say firmly.

Wang Lan was unwilling, but Director Li said firmly, “This is a hospital after all.

I hope Madam Lin will graciously oblige!”

Hearing Director Lis slightly threatening tone, Wang Lan could only grit her teeth and glance at Doctor Yao again before leaving with Director Li.

Although the Lin family was known as a VIP in this hospital, they were not the real deal.

If it werent for the fact that Lin Cheng had given Director Li a lot of benefits back then, the Lin family wouldnt have been able to rank as a VIP.

Wang Lan did not dare to go against Director Li, so she could only follow behind him.

The world finally fell silent.

Lin Yun lay on the bed and looked at Dr.

Yao, who was not far away.

She smiled at him.

“Thank you!”

Doctor Yao didnt expect to hear Lin Yun thank him.

He was clearly stunned.

Then, his cheeks turned slightly red.

He nodded and turned to leave.

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Lin Yun looked at the retreating figure in surprise and couldnt help but find it funny.

Doctor Yao didnt seem to be such a shy person when he faced Wang Lan and Director Li just now!

After everyone left, Aunt Xu approached Lin Yun.

“Miss, I think that Doctor Liang is not simple.”

Lin Yun smiled and glanced at Aunt Xu.

“Aunt Xu has good taste.”

Aunt Xu chuckled and said, “I was just guessing.”

Director Li led Wang Lan straight to the deans office.

Just as she reached the door, she realized that the dean had already rushed over.

Wang Lan was about to walk forward to greet the dean when she was stopped by Director Li.

Wang Lan frowned as she looked at Director Li, not understanding why this person was so strange today.

The dean ignored the two of them.

He pushed open the office door and smiled.

“Elder Liang, are you looking for me”

The white-haired old man sitting on the sofa turned to look at the dean.

“Yes, youre here.”

The dean hurriedly bowed and stood beside the old man.

“Elder Liang, why did you call me back in a hurry”

“Is there anything else that our hospital needs to improve on”

“Or are the doctors not managed well”

The dean looked like he was listening to advice, which stunned Wang Lan.

Doctor Liang had white hair and looked meticulous.

He looked at the director.

“Sun, I didnt know that there were many VIP families in the hospital.”

“Huh” Dean Sun was stunned.

“Well, I havent heard of it either…”


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