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Jin Yan, who was standing in the office listening to the lecture, did not expect anyone to look for him at this time.

He turned around and looked at Lin Yun with a frown.It was obvious that he did not know this young lady.

Jin Yan pointed at himself and asked in surprise, “Youre looking for me”

Lin Yun nodded and waved at him.

“Can I trouble you to help me push the wheelchair”

Not to mention everyone present, even Jin Yan was confused by Lin Yuns request.

However, he still quickly walked to Lin Yuns side under the instructions of the short and fat man.

“Im sorry.” After Jin Yan finished speaking, he held Lin Yuns wheelchair with both hands.

Seeing this, the short and fat man asked, “Are you looking for a manager”

“Our managers here are very professional.

I can introduce you to one.”

Obviously, the short and fat man did not intend to hand the client in front of him to Jin Yan.

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As for Jin Yan, he was just a person pushing a wheelchair.

Lin Yun glanced at the short and fat man and asked, “Are you the boss here”

The stout man smiled proudly.

“Yes! Im the boss here! Zichen is a famous investment management company in the industry.

We have a strong investment background and talent reserves.”

“To be able to provide the best service to clients!”

“Hmm…” Lin Yun nodded before pointing at Jin Yan.

“Then I want him to be my manager.”


With Lin Yuns words, not only the short and fat man, but even the greasy-haired man could not help but exclaim.

Lin Yun frowned and looked at the short and fat man.

“Why Cant I”

The short and fat man was momentarily speechless.

Jin Yan was a famous investment genius in the industry.

Every time he invested, his vision was very unique.

Many people in the industry tried to invest with him, and it was a sure win.

However, this guy might have a low EQ.

Not only did he offend many industry peers, but he also received many complaints by many clients.

In order to protect the interests of his clients as much as possible, he had offended those in the industry.

Many people in the industry went to the clients to make things difficult for him, causing the clients ,who didnt know better, to complain about him.

Initially, the boss was still hoping to rely on Jin Yan to earn more money.

However, as more and more customers complained, the discrimination in the industry became more and more serious.

Hence, the boss vented all his anger on Jin Yan alone.

Jin Yan did not want to argue.

Anyway, no one would believe what he said.

Therefore, when someone asked Jin Yan to be their manager, the boss was naturally very unwilling.

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A person who was about to be kicked out of the company should not take away a new client!

Just as the boss was about to speak, Jin Yan spoke first.

“Miss, Im sorry, I dont plan to be in this industry anymore.

Please find someone else!”

Hearing Jin Yans words, the boss heaved a sigh of relief.

The man with the greasy hair perked up.

He leaned in front of Lin Yun and smiled obsequiously.

“Since Jin Yan is unwilling to continue in this industry, why dont I serve you”

Lin Yun looked at the man who was very close to her in disgust and subconsciously leaned back.

Jin Yan seemed to have noticed this as well and pulled the wheelchair back two steps.


The man stood awkwardly.

Lin Yun finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Then, she smiled to herself.

“It seems that Ive found the right person!”

Lin Yun was actually not familiar with Jin Yan.

In her previous life, she had contacted many managers because she had taken care of Lin Yus business.

Jin Yan was an omnipotent investment god.

It was a pity that he became depressed after suffering repeated blows.

In the end, she heard that he committed suicide.

Therefore, Lin Yun wanted to find Jin Yan first this time.

After all, it would be a pity if such a talent died like this.

Moreover, she needed someone to help her manage her assets now.

Otherwise, the investment would give her a headache.

She had asked Luna to help keep an eye on Jin Yan, but she did not expect him to encounter difficulties so quickly.

Lin Yun looked back at Jin Yan and asked, “Are you leaving this industry Or are you leaving this company”

Jin Yan was stunned by Lin Yuns question.

The fat boss stood aside but grunted.

In this industry, leaving Zi Chen was equivalent to being declared incompetent.

Jin Yan chose to leave the company, which was equivalent to bidding farewell to this industry.


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