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With Lin Yuns promise, Lin Cheng didnt delay.

He stayed for less than five minutes before leaving with Lin Yu.

Other than smiling happily and thanking Lin Yun when she agreed to leave the song to her, Lin Yu didnt say anything else.

After the two of them left, Lin Yun stood up from the wheelchair and walked towards the bed.

Lin Cheng only thought that Lin Yun could pass the preliminary round with this song, but he didnt think about what to do next.

In any case, Lin Yun wouldnt provide Lin Yu with any more songs.

Lin Yun believed that Luo Gang had already accepted her suggestion the last time.

Once the competition rules changed, Lin Yus wishful thinking would probably be in vain.

“Mom, what do you think of me wearing this dress to meet the new teacher” Lin Yu put on a limited edition dress that she had bought from the mall yesterday and turned around in front of Wang Lan.

Wang Lan looked at Lin Yu with a smile.

“My daughter is beautiful! Youre beautiful no matter what you wear!”

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Lin Yu smiled even more happily.

“Mom is still the best! She bought me such a beautiful dress!”

Wang Lan gently grabbed Lin Yus hand and said emotionally, “Ive made you suffer so much outside all these years.

This is what I should do!”

Lin Yu listened to Wang Lans words, but her eyes were checking the dress.

Was this the legendary luxury dress

There was nothing much to the design!

However, luxury was luxury!

No matter how strange the design was, it was still a good thing!

As Lin Yu fumbled with the slightly prickly fabric of her dress, her eyes were filled with smiles.

Wang Lan looked at Lin Yu with heartache.

“Sigh, I can only give you the best now.

I hope your future will be smooth!”

“I will!” Lin Yu looked up at Wang Lan with determination.

‘Thats right!

Her life would definitely be the most brilliant and glorious!

She wanted to let Lin Yun see the charm of the real daughter.

She also wanted her to know that she had to pay a huge price for the time she had taken from her!

A scheming look flashed across Lin Yus eyes.

However, she was very alert and did not let Wang Lan see it.

Wang Lan looked at Lin Yu lovingly, as if her motherly love had been condensed at this moment.

Just as the mother and daughter were deep in love, a discordant voice came from outside the door.

“Madam, Miss Xiaoyun is back.”

Wang Lan frowned and her expression turned ugly.

“Why is she back at this time!”

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The person at the door seemed to be stunned for a moment before saying, “She was discharged today.

Because there was no driver to pick her up, she took a taxi back with Aunt Xu.”

Wang Lan snorted impatiently.

“Got it! Tell her to rest in her room since shes injured.”

“Yes!” The person outside replied and quickly left.

Lin Yu gently held Wang Lans hand and comforted her.

“Mom, Sister only went in and out of the hospital a few times because of an accident.

You dont have to worry too much.”

Wang Lan frowned, her heart filled with dissatisfaction with Lin Yun.

Ever since Lin Yun was admitted to the hospital for her “courageous act”, she had to go to the hospital every few days.

Now she had gotten food poisoning and got hospitalized again.

Fortunately, she was not at home these few days, so Wang Lans mood was much better.

Who knew that she would choose this day to come back! What a dampener!

The more Wang Lan thought about it, the angrier she became.

She gritted her teeth and said, “Xiaoyu, go out with me and prepare to welcome the new teacher.”

Lin Yu quickly stood up and held Wang Lans arm as she walked out.

The two of them arrived at the hall.

Soon, they heard the sound of a car outside.

Lin Yu was instantly excited.

She heard that the songwriter of the world-renowned band that Lin Cheng had found for her was a famous figure in the industry.

Even if such a person didnt use her repertoire, her fame alone was enough to make those judges and judges give her the green light!

Lin Yu kept glancing at the door, wishing she could rush out to see who it was.

However, Wang Lan repeatedly warned her not to let others see her emotions.

Lin Yu tried her best to suppress her agitated emotions until she heard footsteps outside the door.

The butler came in with a woman in high heels.

Wang Lan and Lin Yu stood up and slowly walked towards her.

The woman was dressed in an androgynous outfit.

Her checkered suit and neat short hair made her look exceptionally capable.


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