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Lin Yu couldnt help but feel a little discouraged when she saw the womans outfit.

Not to mention the womans gender-neutral outfit, just her distant attitude made her feel very uncomfortable!

She was here to teach the daughter of the Lin family.

Why was she putting on airs!

Even if she was at the top of the industry, could she be richer than the Lin family

Lin Yu didnt know who the other partys arrogant attitude was for, so she lost interest.

Wang Lan didnt notice Lin Yus reaction.

She walked forward with a smile and shook hands with the other party gracefully.

” Is this Teacher Ji Rou Hello!”

Ji Rou nodded at Wang Lan and retracted her hand.

Lin Yus impression of Ji Rou went down a few notches.

Wang Lan turned around and instructed Lin Yu, “Xiaoyu, come and greet Teacher Ji Rou.”

Lin Yu took a step forward and nodded at Ji Rou.

“Hello, Teacher Ji Rou.”

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Lin Yus obvious perfunctory attitude made Ji Rous eyes move slightly, but she did not show it.

Wang Lan also noticed Lin Yus rudeness and quickly helped her out.

“Teacher Ji Rou, come and sit inside.”

Ji Rou followed Wang Lan to the living room and the three of them sat down on the sofa.

Wang Lan exchanged a few pleasantries with Ji Rou and wanted to let Lin Yu take over the engagement.

After all, Lin Yu would be learning from Ji Rou in the future.

The two of them had to communicate more and interact more.

Ji Rou had heard of Lin Yu before.

It was said that this young lady had just been brought back to the Lin family.

There was no way to check on her previous life experience.

It was as if she had appeared out of thin air.

Ji Rou was originally not interested in such a person.

If her eldest brother, Ji Zhen, had not been nagging at her for a week, she would not have wanted to cause trouble for herself.

At the moment, Lin Yu didnt seem to be very satisfied with her as a teacher.

This was good too.

If she could reject her directly, Ji Rou would save herself the trouble.

Lin Yu sized Ji Rou up and her expression became suspicious.

Ji Rou didnt look much older than her.

Was she really a songstress of a famous band

Lin Yu frowned and asked directly, “Has Teacher Ji Rou made any famous songs Can you share them”

Hearing Lin Yus question, Wang Lan couldnt help but frown.

She gently tugged at Lin Yus hand and lowered her voice.

“Your father naturally had his reasons for finding Teacher Ji Rou.”

“Teacher Ji Rou must have real talent!”

“Xiaoyu, you cant do this… Its rude…”

Wang Lan finally spoke her mind.

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Lin Yu didnt care and only smiled innocently.

“I have to be more familiar with Teacher Ji Rou!”

“So, if Teacher Ji Rou tells me her main work, I can study it carefully!”

Hearing Lin Yus reasonable explanation, Wang Lan even nodded in agreement.

Ji Rou smiled knowingly.

“Miss Lin, if you dont trust me, you can communicate with your father and find someone else!”

Ji Rou stood up to leave.

Wang Lan realized that something was wrong and quickly stopped her.

“Teacher Ji Rou, dont be angry! The little girl is insensible!”

“Look, where should we start learning today”

Wang Lan did not dare to let Ji Rou leave just like that.

Otherwise, Lin Cheng would definitely fly into a rage!

Ji Rou stood rooted to the ground and looked at Lin Yu before turning to Wang Lan.

“If Miss Lin doesnt trust me, you wont be willing to learn from me.”


Lin sent me an invitation.

I believe he did some research.”

“Why dont we talk about Miss Lins questions after we ask Mr.


“Well contact each other later!”

With that, Ji Rou walked around the sofa and left quickly.

The butler stood at the side and looked at Ji Rou, then at Wang Lan, not knowing if he should stop her.

Seeing Ji Rou leave decisively, Wang Lan didnt know what to do.

Lin Yu pouted and said, “You cant even discuss your own work.

Do you really think youre a master!”

Wang Lan looked at Lin Yu helplessly.

“You! Lets see how you explain it to your father later!”

At the mention of Lin Cheng, Lin Yu was stunned.

Her sense of superiority had just risen, but she had offended her teacher.

Lin Cheng would definitely be furious!



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