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In her previous life, Lin Yun had never seen Ji Rou, so she didnt know her at all.

At that time, Lin Yun had accompanied Lin Yu from the preliminaries to the finals.

All of Lin Yus participating songs and preparations were done by Lin Yun.

But this time, Lin Yuns rejection forced Lin Cheng to choose someone else.

However, Lin Cheng valued this competition very much.

It was impossible for him to easily hand Lin Yu over to an inexperienced person.

“Or rather…” Lin Yun raised her eyebrows and started typing on the keyboard again.

After a while, a gray dialog box popped up.

Lin Yun finally revealed a satisfied smile.

“I see!”

In the gray dialog box, Ji Rous name changed to another name, “Rolin.”

And this Rolin was a musical genius.

Not only had she won many awards at home and abroad, but she was also a good singer.

However, she never showed her true face, so many people did not know her true identity.

However, how Lin Cheng invited such a mysterious teacher to teach Lin Yu surprised Lin Yun.

It seemed that Lin Cheng had invested a lot to nurture Lin Yu into a talent!

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However, according to what Lin Yun heard in the room today, Lin Yu was most likely not interested in this “unknown” teacher!

Lin Yun closed the computer and lay on the bed.

“If we really ask Ji Rou to hand Lin Yu over, Im afraid this will be difficult!”

Lin Yun knew very well that Lin Cheng and Wang Lan would retain Ji Rou at all costs.

The next morning, Wang Lan set off with gifts to visit Teacher Ji Rou.

Ji Rou was originally unwilling, but after Ji Zhens repeated persuasion, she agreed to meet Wang Lan at the Ji familys building in the city center.

Ji Rou was the head of the Ji familys legal department.

When Wang Lan arrived at the Ji clan building, she was led to the legal department on the twelfth floor by the receptionist.

The moment she entered, Wang Lans body subconsciously tensed up.

She didnt know if it was because the black decor made her feel a little nervous or if the almost empty place made her feel a little uncomfortable.

When they arrived at Ji Rous office, Wang Lan asked Auntie Ning to put down the gift.

“Teacher Ji Rou, Im really sorry about yesterday.

My daughter is still young and insensible.” Wang Lan smiled apologetically at Ji Rou, looking like she was being careful with her words.

Ji Rou was not particularly enthusiastic.

Instead, she stood beside her office chair and gestured to Wang Lan.

“Madam Lin, please sit.”

Wang Lan retracted her hand awkwardly and took two steps back to sit on the guest chair at the other end of the desk.

Ji Rou was dressed in a black suit and a pure-colored shirt.

She looked capable and steady, which was very different from her style of dressing the day before.

Wang Lan did not expect Ji Rou to be in such a state in her life.

She secretly wondered if Ji Rou had the ability to teach Lin Yu well.

However, since it was a teacher hired by Lin Cheng, he must have thought it through.

Wang Lan held her hand tightly before she smiled again.

“Teacher Ji Rou, I hope you dont mind my daughters rude words yesterday.”

“Shes just a little curious about you and wants to ask about your work so that she can admire and understand it when she goes back.

But this child doesnt know how to speak.

She unknowingly offended you.

I hope you can be magnanimous and forgive her!”

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Ji Rou frowned slightly and glanced at Wang Lan before saying, “Shes still a child.

Perhaps she shouldnt participate in such an official competition.”

“If shes not prepared to accept that the people around her can become her teachers, then she might not be qualified to survive in this circle.

Perhaps Madam Lin can go back and get her to make more preparations.”

Hearing Ji Rous words, Wang Lan immediately felt angry.

However, she did not dare to openly go against Ji Rou, so she could only lower her head and say obediently, “Yes, yes, yes.

Teacher Ji Rou is right.”

“Its just that the time for the competition is almost up.

I hope that Teacher Ji Rou can put in more effort on account of my husband.”

Hearing Wang Lan mention Lin Cheng, Ji Rou frowned again.

She didnt know what her idiotic brother owed Lin Cheng for him to pester her for three days to become Lin Yus teacher!


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