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Although Wang Lan was unwilling, she still reluctantly begged Ji Rou.

Ji Rou was unhappy, but because she had promised her brother, she could only agree perfunctorily.

Just like that, Ji Rou nodded and agreed to become Lin Yus music teacher.

The class schedule was also fixed.

After Lin Cheng heard that Lin Yu was attending class normally, his mood seemed to have improved.

Ever since Lin Yu started class, the piano room had become her exclusive room.

Lin Yun didnt want to enter the piano room again, so she planned to pack her belongings and leave the piano room completely to Lin Yu.

Lin Yun was walking out with a few small musical instruments that had been given to her.

However, Lin Yu crossed her arms and leaned against the door, looking at her with a faint smile.

“Sister, what are you doing” Lin Yu asked sarcastically.

Lin Yun revealed a faint smile.

“These are my personal belongings.”

Lin Yun made it sound simple, but Lin Yu snorted unhappily.

“Which one of these arent bought by Dad and Mom”

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“Which item doesnt belong to the Lin family”

“Even the medals you won were obtained by Mom and Dad!”

Lin Yu said confidently, her tone filled with jealousy.

Lin Yun smiled and looked at Lin Yu.

“I didnt intend to take those medals.

Theyre still there, arent they”

“If you think its what Mom and Dad paid for, then so be it.

I dont care.”

“As for these…” Lin Yun looked down at the instruments in her arms.” Im sorry, these are indeed my personal belongings.

“They are gifts from my friends and have nothing to do with the Lin family!”

Lin Yun said simply without the slightest bit of humility or cowardice.

Her self-righteousness made Lin Yu speechless.

If Lin Yun had spent the Lin familys money to buy or obtain something, it naturally belonged to the Lin family.

But these…

Although Lin Yu was unwilling, she could only watch as Lin Yun took those things away.

Lin Yun returned to her room and placed these things in her cabinet.

This home was no longer a place she was familiar with.

Therefore, she organized her things and prepared to leave at any time.

When Aunt Xu walked into the room, she happened to see Lin Yun packing her things.

“Miss, you are…” Aunt Xu looked at Lin Yun in surprise as she put the instruments into the box one by one.

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Lin Yun smiled at Aunt Xu and comforted her.

“The piano room is now used by Lin Yu.

I want to take these instruments back and keep them for myself.”

Aunt Xu nodded in understanding and didnt ask further.

After helping Lin Yun organize her things, Aunt Xu said softly, “On my way here, I heard Madam and Master discussing holding a banquet for Miss Xiaoyu.”

“He said that he wanted Miss Lin Yu to be known and familiar with everyone faster.

He didnt mean… what he wanted.”

When Lin Yun heard this, she knew what Lin Cheng and his wife were planning.

In their previous life, they used Lin Yuns reputation to pave the way for Lin Yu to fight her way to the finals and win the championship.

At that time, they held a debut banquet and officially introduced Lin Yu to the media and the various families.

With the support of the competition champion, Lin Yu quickly became famous in the noble circle.

This time, without Lin Yuns support, Ji Rou could not let Lin Yu use Rolins reputation to mingle in the industry.

In other words, the outcome of Lin Yus competition was still uncertain.

Instead, Lin Yu would need to rely on the Lin familys reputation to survive in the competition!

“Has the date of the banquet been decided” Lin Yun asked casually.

“I heard its on the 18th of next month.” Aunt Xu picked up a huge object and was about to put it into the cabinet.

Lin Yun quickly reached out to stop him.

“Leave this to me.”

Aunt Xu grinned and bent down to put the things down.

She was old and it was difficult to move many things.

She could only receive such treatment with Lin Yun…

As for the rest of the Lin family…


Lin Yun put the things away and thought about it.

She remembered that the 18th was the day of the new Masked King competition.

Wasnt Lin Cheng announcing to the world that his daughter had participated in the competition and asking everyone to support her

In particular, the results of the competition would be announced three days later.

In other words, Lin Cheng was giving the judges a chance to choose

Lin Yun sneered and shook her head.


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