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Aunt Xu looked at Lin Yuns expression and couldnt help but ask, “Miss, why arent you participating in this competition”

“If you participate, it will be better than…”

Before Aunt Xu could finish, Lin Yun stopped her.

“Aunt Xu, some things are better left unsaid.”

Lin Yun reminded her cautiously, and Aunt Xu reflexively covered her mouth.

She smiled bitterly.

“Miss, youre really too pitiful!”

Lin Yun smiled and said, “I think this is pretty good! I dont owe the Lin family anything.

When I leave…”

“Leave” Aunt Xu whispered again.

“Miss, you mean…”

Lin Yun shook her head and gestured for Aunt Xu to keep quiet.

“Ill have to leave sooner or later, right”

“Its just that I hope to not owe the Lin family anything.This is probably the beginning of my freedom!”

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After Lin Yun finished speaking, she sighed slightly.

It was because of those so-called “kinship” and “kindness” that her previous life was extremely tragic.

She would never let these things happen again!


Although Lin Yus music class was reluctantly conducted, Ji Rou was indeed a good and responsible teacher .

She did her best to impart her knowledge to Lin Yu, but Lin Yu did not have any talent in music.

It was already not bad for her to learn a tenth of what she could teach.

While they were studying, it was soon time for the competition to start.

The competition format had been adjusted at the last minute during the promotional period of the competition.

All the contestants choice of songs had been changed to fixed songs chosen by the competition team after the preliminaries.

This way, it brought a huge shock to many contestants who were looking for experts to write songs.

Fortunately, the change in the competition format had been notified two weeks in advance, so it was not too sudden for the contestants.

Lin Yu had Lin Yuns song in her hands, and the competition rules were arranged by the production team, so it saved Ji Rou a lot of trouble.

However, this way, the targeted training would become uncertain content training.

Lin Yu always appeared humble and meek in class.

Every time, she would express her grievances and pain vividly.

Wang Lans heart ached when she saw this.

She even asked Ji Rou several times to make the content of the class simpler.

However, Ji Rou knew very well that Lin Yu was just pretending.

She seemed to be paying attention in class every time, but in fact, her mind had already flown out of her head.

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Although Ji Rou felt disgusted by Lin Yus state, she was helpless.

Anyway, she had only promised her brother to teach Lin Yu from before the competition until the end.

Although it was difficult for Lin Yu to stand out in the competition in her current state, she did not intend to let the outside world know that Lin Yu was Master Rolins disciple.

It was good for the two of them to have such a short interaction!

On this day, Ji Rou walked out of the piano room and twisted her stiff neck.

Teaching Lin Yu was simply a disaster.

Fortunately, the competition would start tomorrow, and the day of her release was right in front of her!

Suddenly, a familiar melody sounded from the room upstairs.

The tune was melodious, and the few notes that jumped around from time to time made the song more lively.

Ji Rou listened to the music in a daze and subconsciously walked upstairs.

Just as she was about to reach the second floor, a voice sounded from behind her.

“Teacher Ji, where are you going The door is this way…”

Lin Yu stretched and walked out of the piano room.

She realized that Ji Rou had not left and was even walking upstairs.

She subconsciously called out to her.

Ji Rou stopped in her tracks and looked at Lin Yu.

“Whos upstairs Who played this song”

When Lin Yu heard this question, her eyebrows furrowed.

She did not want to answer Ji Rous question and hated Lin Yun even more for suddenly appearing at this moment.

Didnt she know that today was the day Ji Rou came to teach her

Why did she have to play at this time Was she deliberately trying to embarrass her

Or was she trying to use her performance to attract Ji Rous attention

What was her motive

Lin Yu quickly waved her hand and smiled at Ji Rou.

“Teacher Ji, my sister is listening to a music record!”

“Come! Ill send you out!” Lin Yu said as she walked to Ji Rous side.

Ji Rou was stunned.

She looked at Lin Yu and her lips slowly curled up.


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