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What came out of the room was clearly not a record.

To think that Lin Yu actually couldnt tell the difference between a live performance and a record.

Furthermore, could she not even tell that this was not the original song

Ji Rou frowned slightly and glanced at the room where the music was coming from, but she did not go over rashly.

After all, this was the Lin family.

Even if she didnt have a good impression of Lin Yu, it wasnt appropriate for her to barge in.

Ji Rou followed Lin Yus directions and walked towards the door.

However, when Lin Yu took the last step, she glared fiercely at the room upstairs.

“Lin Yun, why are you pretending at a time like this! I want to see what else you can do after Ji Rou leaves!”

In the room, Lin Yun pressed the button to stop the recording and sent the document out.

“Will this adaptation be better” Lin Yun was entering Chinese characters in the dialog box when she saw a pop-up window flashing on the other side.

Lin Yun opened the chat box.

It was a message from Kent: Lin, I will be in Haicheng soon.

I hope we can meet.

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Lin Yun looked at Kents message in surprise and immediately replied, “Really Thats great! What time is your arrival Ill pick you up!”

A series of messages were sent and Kent immediately replied with a big smiley face.

“Seven oclock on the evening of the 18th.

I hope to see you soon!”

Lin Yun also replied with a smile.

“Okay! See you at the airport!”

After replying to Kents message, Lin Yuns music echoed.

The other party replied briefly, “Collected.

Ill contact you later.”

Lin Yun shrugged nonchalantly and closed the computer.

She stood up and walked to the window, just in time to see Lin Yu walking out with Ji Rou.

“Ji Rou…” Lin Yun called out faintly.

It was unknown if Ji Rou heard it or for some reason.

Ji Rou turned around and glanced at the second floor.

However, because she did not know where the room was, she only glanced momentarily before turning around and getting into the car.

Lin Yun smiled.

“What a sharp person!”

“CEO Lu, the Lin family has sent an invitation.

On the 18th, they invited all the families to attend Miss Lin Yus debut party.” Ning Kun held an invitation and walked into Lu Chens office.

Lu Chen did not even look at the invitation letter.

He only lowered his head and buried his head in his document.

Ning Kun stood where he was and hesitated for a while before asking, “If you dont want to participate, Ill go back.”

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“After all, this is the Lin familys banquet.

Miss Lin Yun might even appear…” Ning Kun muttered.

“Stay!” Lu Chen did not look up, but said in a low voice.

Ning Kun smiled smugly and placed the invitation on Lu Chens table.

Lu Chen was still working.

Ning Kun stood rooted to the ground.

Without CEO Lus instructions, he did not dare to move at all!

After a while, Lu Chen said again, “What has Fu Heng been busy with recently”

Ning Kun was stunned for a moment before saying, “Didnt you ask Mr.

Fu to send Miss Tan back last time He was severely punished by the Old Master.”

“He seems to be doing community work with some tribe in Africa!”


Lu Chen looked up at Ning Kun.

Ning Kun immediately lowered his head as if he had done something wrong.

“Tell him to come back immediately and accompany me to the Lin familys banquet,” Lu Chen instructed.

Then, he lowered his head and looked at the document in his hand again.

Ning Kun immediately responded and turned to leave.

When the door closed, Lu Chen slowly raised his head and looked at the invitation.

“Lin Yun… Lin Yu…” Lu Chen muttered to himself.

Then, he lowered his head again.

It was as though it was another person.

Ning Kun made a call to Fu Heng.

Fu Heng almost cried on the phone.

“Can I finally go back God have mercy!”

Ning Kun held back his laughter and said after a long time, “I believe Old Master wont have any objections to CEO Lus instructions.”

Fu Heng immediately cheered and said in a low voice, “Ill go pack my things now.

See you at Third Brothers house later!”

Before Ning Kun could say anything else, Fu Heng had already hung up.

Hearing the beeping sound from the phone, Ning Kun deeply felt Fu Hengs urgency.

It seemed that the baptism in Africa had enlightened Mr.


This time, he might be reborn!



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