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Chapter 1605: Half Luck

Above the Grandeur stone and beneath the Millet tree.

Li Ruhuas face was pale as she bit her lip.

Her body was swaying.

She was staring at the small tablet across from her and she could not hide the resentment she felt.

There was a cold laughter from the tablet, “Dont look at me as if you suffered a lot.

I feel like you actually gained a lot.

Just play along.”

Li Ruhua bit her lips and her breathing grew heavier.

However, she was not so crazy as to ask for death.

“Your honor, now that you have achieved your goal, can I go”

Her voice was hoarse and she was trembling.

She seemed to be on the brink of collapsing.

The mist around the tablet pulsated, “Sure.

But before you go, I would like to remind you not to forget who you are now.”

Pfft –

Li Ruhua spat out blood.

She looked intensely at the tablet before turning to leave.

Woosh –

Her figure flashed and disappeared.

There was another cold chuckle from the tablet.

It did not care about the look Li Ruhua gave at all.

It was just a marriage and she merely used half of her luck.

Compared to what happened in the past, this was very kind.

“Hmph! She is gone.

Come back!”

The air shifted and Li Mu appeared.

He had a bitter smile on his face and he looked impatient.

He scratched his head and looked listless.

“Dont pretend to be pitiful.

You know that it will not work.

Dont you think you are very lucky to still be alive”

Li Mu bowed, “You are right.”

The tablet jumped up and smacked his head, “Remember what you are supposed to do.

Dont disappoint me…I will be going.

I will see you next time.”

Woosh –

The tablet disappeared.

Li Mu continued to remain in the polite bow for a while.

He then slowly let out a breath and stood up.

He looked calm and the bitterness and impatience he had earlier was gone.

He was frowning slightly and seemed to be in deep thought.


In Grandeur Nation, in Niu Village by Cool Mountain, Qin Yu was now a hundred-year-old man and he finally closed his eyes.

Without sickness and pain, he went to bed after dinner and passed away in his dreams.

Three days after his death, his grandchildrens cries filled the air as young men from the village lifted his coffin.

They headed to the Qin Familys burial ground.

At the same time, in the Cool Pavilion halfway up Cool Mountain, there was a soft sigh.

The pavilions door opened and a white-haired Cloud Mist Daoist walked out.

Behind him, there was the pavilion keeper, who looked even older and weaker.

He behaved extremely respectfully and led several priests from the Cool Pavilion.

“The Qin Familys master has passed on.

Go ahead with the rituals to help Master Qin enter reincarnation.”


Cloud Mist Daoist flew into the air and those from Cool Pavilion followed along to the Qin Family burial ground.

Because of them, there were numerous surprised looks.

The children and grandchildren of the Qin Family had seen the Immortal Elders picture before.

They hurried to greet him.

“Please rise.

There is no need to be so courteous.

I have a lot of fate with your family.” He did not say anything more.

The truth was that Cloud Mist Daoist also did not know the truth.

However, there was one thing he was clear about.

Though the Qin Family looked normal, they were not.

Although Master Qin had died, he was not willing to risk offending him in any way.

With the support of Cloud Mist Daoist, the ritual was successfully completed.

They lowered the coffin and completed the burial.

Qin Yus filial children and grandchildren were kneeling as they cried.

Paper money was burned and the ashes were blown away in the wind, spreading all over.

The priests from Cool Pavilion had been sent back.

As Cloud Mist Daoist stood in front of the tomb and stared at the two graves, there was an unfathomable look in his eyes.

There was confusion as well as curiosity.

However, he knew that there were things that were better left unknown.

Curiosity killed the cat.

“Hmph! I guess you are smart.

If not, so what if you could live for several more years You would have died today anyway.” A sneer could be heard in his mind.

Cloud Mist Daoist was stunned as he quickly bowed.

His lips moved but he did not know what to say.

There was fear in his heart.

But for him to finally hear this voice again after so many years, he was slightly excited.

“After today, you can remain on Cool Mountain to cultivate and protect the Qin Familys descendants.

You dont have to interfere in everything; you can judge for yourself.”

As soon as the voice spoke, a cultivation method appeared in his mind.

Cloud Mist Daoist merely glanced at it before his face turned red in excitement.

He kowtowed respectfully to the grave.

The descendants from the Qin Family were shocked.

Before they could ask anything, Cloud Mist Daoist cut them off, “Master Qin was an honorable and important man.

There is no need to know the details, but I will protect the Qin Family forever.”


The Demon Sect.

In the secret underground chamber of the Night Demon Sect Master.

Qin Yu was sitting cross-legged.

His eyelids twitched as he slowly opened them.

There was a moment of surprise before his eyes turned calm again.

He looked around.

“You are awake”

Rourou appeared with a solemn expression.

She was not in a good mood.

Qin Yu relaxed slightly as he lifted his hand to massage his forehead.

“What is going on Did I…go into the Grandeur and Millet land But why dont I remember anything.


He stood up and looked down at himself.

Other than feeling slightly weary, it did not feel any different to waking up from a long sleep.

Qin Yu looked at Rourou for an explanation.

Rourou sneered, “What I was only responsible for sending you in.

Are you expecting me to ensure that you gained something from it” Her expression grew more downcast as she seemed to become moodier, “Qin Yu.

This is your own problem!”

Qin Yu was confused.

It was as if she had eaten a fiery medicine.

Instinct told him that it was best not to trigger her, otherwise, he would really shudder.

So Qin Yu took a step back and nodded, “Okay, it is my problem.

It has nothing to do with you.”

Rourou was on the brink of venting her anger on him and was ready to make him suffer.

But after hearing this, she felt as if she had been choked.

She blushed and snorted before turning to leave.

Qin Yu was relieved as he followed her.

Stepping out of the secret chamber, Rourou did not stop as she headed out.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw Night Demon Sect Master, who was standing outside.

“My Lady.”

Night Demon Sect Master bowed.

He noticed the solemn mood that Rourou had and his eyes immediately grew icy.

His gaze landed on Qin Yu.

If he, a peak Ruler, wanted to attack Qin Yu, Qin Yu may not be scared.

However, Qin Yu was speechless at his icy gaze for no reason.

Even if it was my fault, you have to tell me what I did wrong right


No matter how good their cultivations were or how long they had lived, they were unreadable.

They were strange moody creatures.

He could not offend them.

He could not!


Rourou grunted and Night Demon Sect Masters expression changed.

He withdrew his gaze and took a deep breath before bowing to Qin Yu, “Lord, I did not mean to offend you.

I hope that you will not take offense.”


Rourou snorted once more.

Cold sweat appeared on Night Demon Sect Masters forehead.

He did not know whether to straighten up or not.

Delight shone in Qin Yus eyes as he thought that at least Night Demon Sect Master understood how he felt.

Thankfully, Rourou was not really angry.

After snorting, her expression softened slightly.

Qin Yu was frowning slightly.

She was too difficult to handle.

Rourou glanced at him.

Though she did not say anything, her intention was clear – do you want to die Qin Yu pretended not to see.

Night Demon Sect Master coughed lightly before speaking respectfully, “Lady, Lord.

Now that, you are both here, would you like to stay for one or two more days to talk with the members”

Rourou was expressionless as she remained silent.

Qin Yu thought about it before waving his hand, “We understand your good intentions but we are currently on orders from the West Desolate King.

We have to reach the border camp on time and cannot delay.”

Night Demon Sect Master nodded in understanding, “In that case, I will send you both off.”

Rourou looked at him and snorted.

She grabbed Qin Yu and took a step, disappearing in a flash.

Wiping cold sweat off his brows, Night Demon Sect Master stood up with a bitter smile on his face.

Ever since the lady awoke, she seemed to have turned into a different person.

The way she looked at him made him shiver, even though he was a peak Ruler.

It was horrifying!

But now, he finally felt like he knew what the lady liked…when he saw her sneer earlier, he could sense that her mood had improved.

Night Demon Sect Master stood up straight and shook his head.

He wondered how Marquis Chongwu Ning Qin, a mere initial Ruler, could be worthy of the lady

He also did not know why the lady placed so much importance on him.

Taking a deep breath, he suppressed these thoughts that he should not have.

Night Demon Sect Master turned back into the residence and headed to the secret chamber.

Reaching a corner, he bowed and the air twisted.

A tablet appeared.

However, there was now less haze and the remnant soul seemed to have fallen into a deep sleep and was unable to respond.

Night Demon Sect Master looked worried as he stared at the tablet.

He then stopped his summoning and allowed the tablet to disappear.


Grandeur Nation.

Qin burial ground.

Li Mus silhouette appeared in mid-air.

He stood in between the two graves and looked at them in concentration.

However, it was like viewing flowers in a fog and it did not seem real.

It was obvious that there was an issue and the other party did not make any moves to hide it.

It was left for him to see.

He could not deny that he was curious.

He just needed to wave his hand and he would be able to open the coffin, wiping away the fog.

But after contemplating, Li Mu could only sigh.

He did not do it and he turned to leave.

After a few moments, Cloud Mist Daoist rushed over to the Qin burial ground.

But no matter how he looked and searched, he could not find anything amiss.

However, he had clearly sensed something through the formation he activated over the area…could he have been mistaken

At this moment, Li Mu was already in Niu Village.

He was floating in the air above a house in the west side of the village.

He lowered his head and looked at the Qin Familys descendants.

They were all regular people and there was nothing special about them.

At most, they had better luck and would receive some blessings in the future.

“Such an expensive endeavor just to take half of Li Ruhuas luck I feel like there is more to it.” Li Mu rubbed his chin.

He then left Grandeur Nation.

Though only half, he was now considered the master of the Grandeur stone and Millet tree and could easily transform into the rules of the heavens and earth.

Moving around was as simple as a thought.

Preventing others from sensing him was even easier.

The reason why Cloud Mist Daoist was able to sense the strange aura was because Li Mu intentionally allowed him to detect it.

Cloud Mist Daoist would be alerted because of it but would end up disappointed and not having found anything.

Returning to where he came from, Li Mu opened his eyes and muttered to himself, “I have never had a lack of patience.

I will wait and see.

One day, I will find out everything.”

There was the sound of someone knocking on the door.

Li Ruhua stood outside.

Her face was cold but her eyes looked conflicted.

Li Mu sighed, “Come in and have some tea”

Li Ruhua was expressionless, “Do you think I am in the mood to drink tea”

The both of them were asking questions.

Li Mu thought about it and decided that she had suffered more.

He gave in to her.

“It is fine if you dont want to drink, I will compensate you.”

Li Ruhua bit her lip, “You…”

Li Mu raised his hand and swore, “I swear that before you entered Niu Village, my relationship with Grandeur and Millet had been completely cut off.

So I dont know what happened.”

He spoke extremely earnestly and sincerely, but it was all fake.

As therules of this place, even if he was not present, he could turn back time to find out anything.

Li Ruhua looked at him intently, “There is no need for compensation, but I need you to promise that no one other than us shall ever know about this.”

“Okay.” Li Mu nodded seriously.

Li Ruhua turned to leave.

Behind her, Li Mu spoke, “Are you still looking for the Barbarian King My suggestion is that you to return to the Central Desolate as soon as possible.”

Li Ruhua did not turn back, “I know what to do.”

She walked further and disappeared.

Li Mu closed the door and went to sit by the table.

He picked up a cup of tea.

There was a faint smile on his face, “What a stubborn brat.

But like what that being said, losing half your luck…can be considered having it easy.”

There were some things that could not be seen from the surface.

Coincidentally, he was the best person to see things beyond the surface in this world.

Marquis Chongwu Ning Qin.


Very interesting.

Even the Barbarian King, who was extremely rare, would appear at this time.

What else was impossible

Being able to rise to the occasion meant that there would be a change in this world.

To Li Mu, this was an opportunity…

Thirteenth Floor.

The White Jade Capital above Ninehaven.

He wanted to see the light and wind even above that.


Rourous Divine Way was always admirable.

For example, after she pulled Qin Yu and took a step forwards, when he regained his vision, they had returned to the airship flying to the border camp.

From the start to the end, no one noticed anything.

Even the four Old Four Claws from the Imperial Palace.

Rourou was extremely skillful.


With a single word, Rourou disappeared.

Although her mood was better, she could not help but get angry when she saw Qin Yu.

She felt like she was very good at understanding others but Qin Yu was an ignorant lump.

No matter how she tried to settle this, she would definitely suffer a big loss!

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