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Ch1: One day my parents died, then I realized that I’m already a middle-aged man.

Ch1: One day my parents died, then I realized that I’m already a middle-aged man.

[Fuu… with this, I’m done packing]

I muttered to myself while inside the living room of the house that was too big for me.

It’s already been a year since my parents died.

I work at a brokerage firm, so I’m pretty busy.

I’ve been so busy that it took me a lot of time to sort through my parent’s belonging and doing this and that, but that’s over.

I’m going to sell this house and move to a smaller studio, with this it means this uncle will graduate from using a children room.

[This is the last box…  I wonder what did I put in here… oh- galges! I used to play this when I was a student.]

When I was a student, I was a hardcore gal gamer.

I went to an all boy’s school, so I never met any girls.

Even if I had gone to co-ed school, I would probably have ended being a forever alone.

[Should I sell them all..

This is quite nostalgic.

I liked this one]

I picked a game from the box.

The title of the is also known as

KumoSora isn’t a 〇memo type game, but a so called visual novel game where you read the the story by selecting choices.

It’s a drama game with a Japanese style horror story set in the country side.

Although not well know among otaku now, it was not completely unpopular back then, and sold well enough to have three series released.

The total evaluation is that it’s not a masterpiece by any mean but it can be still considered a good work.

I took a cold beer from the fridge and boot up the game.


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