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Chapter 12: The Main Character’s Parents are Rich Sometimes.

After feeding the black rabbit and finishing a simple meal prepared by Eromama (Puhiko’s mom).

I was facing a big monitor of my computer.

(Alright! I knew it, the economic situation of this world is directly linked to the original world!)

I looked up at the recent economic indicator, stock and currency exchange charts on the internet, and I reflexively struck a gut pose.

Having have worked on a brokerage firm and also having a photographic memory I have all the data in my head since the when trading become computerized.

I checked the data of the original world in my head against the economic data of this world and it matched almost perfectly.

(I guess that as long as it is not specified in the game, everything will follow common sense)

Of course, the writers could not possibly have set up detailed places and situation other than those that appears in Kumosora, such as wall street that didn’t appear in the game.

And, since the story of Kumosora is set in the early 2000s in Japan the part of the story that are not describe in the book will be based on the original worlds setting.

(Well now, now that I decided that we need a lot of money…)

There’s a problem, currently I’m seven years old.

I don’t have an account nor I do have the seed money to trade securities properly.

Who do I turn on in the times like this Of course, my blood family!

This household is not poor, they can maintain a house far too big for one person to live in and give my welfare to Puhiko’s family.

It wouldn’t be wrong to share some of those money to me their adorable son.

I called Papan right away!


A brusque voice answered the phone.

I’m quite lucky to connect to my father, who is supposed to be hard to get in contact with very often.

[Dad, I need money]

I said it straight forwardly, because that’s how the protagonist is supposed to be.

[…in your education amount, in the archives, in the Aztec D-4 file, there’s 20 million in there.

Use it, if you run out though I won’t be able to replenish it, but if you really want to use it, you’re free to do what you want]

Yes! 20 million, GET!

The average cost of education of one child through college is 10 million yen.

You really did save well.

[Thanks dad! Oh, and by the way, don’t bother sending the mummy of the Egyptian queen you found in an excavation.

I had a feeling that it would turn in to a huge hassle.

Also, the tomb that you’re looking into now is not from the Egyptian Civilization, but from the Abrahamic Religious lineage.

Another one, the Japanese-Yu syncretism is a bummer, you better start with the Dead Sea Scroll or the Voynich scripts]

[E what do you mean…–]

I said very quickly and hung up the phone without letting my father finish hi sentence.

I guess, I’ve got any dad related flags in check for now.

If I let it go, I’ll get the mummy-type heroine sent to me via mail.

And unless you resurrected her, she will just be a corpse.

And by the time you finished her route, you’ll learn how to everything from mummies to Sokushinbutsu (a statue of Buddha) in a practical way!

(Okay, 20 million is a lot of money, but unfortunately, it’s not enough)

I need money for my business and 20 million seed money is not enough, after all, I’m not looking for a retirement security but the salvation of the world.

(No problem, a child cannot be born from a father alone, this is the real deal and I have to hurry or the reception will close any time soon)

I picked up the receiver once again thinking like that.


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