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Chapter 15: Ore-girl memorial service RTA

Now that I have money, the first thing I have to do is… Sealing the root of all evil.

There’s no real way to break the curse except of course by addressing its root, no I have to settle for the best next thing.

It may be a first-aid or a bandage solution but the best thing I can do is to seal off the forgotten shrine where the sacred object is enshrined.

I have Mom to make it so that a certain religious corporation bought the entirety of the land of the shrine and its vicinity and also ask Mom to hire a tight-lipped construction firm.

Currently, Puhiko and Mika chan who’s vulnerable to raise strange flags are on an outing to the mall, which is more than 2 hours away by car.

Puhiko also mentioned that [We’re going to Ju-co] I ‘m glad! Hold up! It’s a trap! They’re taking advantage of the country people’s habit to flock on the mall on weekends!

[everything seems ok.

Rabbit! We’re having crocodile steak!]


Under the scorching heat, with the rabbit in my shoulder I set out and went to the forest where the the cicadas are always caught.

All the muscular Onii-sans of the construction firm gathers right on time.

[Everyone, I’m looking forward to working with you here today, Please do not worry about destroying the nature and just continue on doing your best]


The macho men nodded their head silently.

As expected from the worker Mom hired, a workforce that never talk non-sense

For everyone’s information the time-space rabbit that is on my shoulder cannot be seen by people who did not inherit curse of .

Meaning, these guys can’t see the time-space rabbit.

With the roars of the chainsaw and the blast form the excavator, hundreds of year-old tree are being felled without stopping.

Along with that is the flag of a certain heroine.

The protagonist and an elementary school girl who’s visiting her grandparent met at the forest to catch cicadas and became good friend.

The story reek of “She’s actually a girl!” pattern.

(Bye-bye, Ore-girl.

Your route is so deep that instills peculiar sexual fetishes relating to insects, to the young players!)

Alright! Let’s pray for the Mantis man and the grasshopper man, Kamen Rider is enough for me! You shouldn’t have used the Hariganemushi-kei, it only makes it looks like a rip-off of Higurashi!

As I say my final goodbye.

The way to an enigmatic company was opened by the competent macho man.


T/N normally the Kamen Rider and Higurashi was supposed to be “censored” but since for some reason my webding and wingding font doesn’t want to work and i don’t want to make it hard for me to censor it, so i just made the decision to reveal it.


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