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Chapter 16: Noja Loli Memorial Service RTA

Now that I’ve gotten this far, it’s about time for her to app — ouch!

[You, you’re a man yet you can see me.

– Kuh! What the hell! Those noise lump of iron nanoja!]

The loli-baba that was sitting on top of the crumbling torii gate glares at me and exclaimed.

I’ve been waiting for you loli-baba! I’ll make it easy for you now.

[Hello! I bring you good news! The man you loved so long ago did not in fact betrayed you! He loved you and fought to the bitter end in order to protect you! Here’s the proof!]

I shouted in a voice that wouldn’t be defeated by the noise of construction and threw the key items that are essential to this loli-baba’s route that I collected earlier.

Specifically, a helmet and a Kanzashi (A hair pin) which you see are evidence of a common tragedy in the warring state era!


Sunaomaru, I-]

The Loli-baba began shedding tears with all her emotion.

It’s a very touching scene.

But sorry, I don’t have time for this.

If We don’t finish the construction before Puhiko and the rest return, some strange flag might be raised!

[Sakuyahime, Sunaomaru-san is waiting for you on the other side, please return to his side now]

[I want to, but sadly I’m bound by the rabbit’s curse and must protect this shrine–]

[Fortunately, the rabbit is here! I’ve already figured out his true name, so you’re no longer bound! Please go on in peace! Hey rabbit.]

[Pi, pi, pi!]

The time-space rabbit bounce about.

The compensation for sending the loli-baba’s soul back to the past I don’t want anything to do with that.

Her existence alone distorts the reasoning of this world.

So, I should be rewarded instead for returning her soul back!

Look! Even the time-space rabbit is willing to do it!

[Is that right A curse that could not be broken, no matter what I did for hundreds of years was so easily…]

[I believe, if there’s misfortune that comes suddenly, there should be good fortune that comes suddenly as well!]

I answered.

The rabbit held up its hand and started casting a time-space transferring spell.

[Ah, Finally, I’m freed from this suffer… I don’t know who you are, but thank you.

Here use this if you suffer from the lingering curse.]

The loli-baba gave me a powerful purifying item as she progressively become more and more transparent.

[Thank you very much, but really there’s no need to thank me.

Because, I was Sunaomaru on my previous life]

I responded to her with a thumbs up.

That’s right! I have so many previous live that I beat a certain anime dragon hero that even the author doesn’t know how many lives he has.

Anyway, the story is really amusing but is not a gag, if you’re not into it you can skip it.

[Wha-what do you mean–]

Loli-baba tried to question me in surprise, but it was too late! It’s time’s up and she was sent back to the past.

Let me give my respect part 2!

(Fuuu~, Now I can finally get my hands on shrine.)

I took a breath and turned to the shrine that radiates with aura of disaster.


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