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Chapter 17:  Putting a Lid to Tricky Stuff

[Yes! One concrete mixer truck and one crane truck coming right up!]

Modern technology is now trudging onto the shrine hall that existed since the ancient time

[Is the stone chest read This would be dangerous, so let me do this instead]

A crane lowers a thick rectangular concrete in front of the shrine.

It so thick, in fact that it can protect you from a plutonium bomb.

I brought out the box containing the cursed mirror form the back of the shrine and place in the stone chest.

Needless to say, if the mirror got destroyed the curse would be unleashed and the world would end.

Even at the moment, me touching it through its box is already pretty bad.

Anyone who doesn’t have resistance would be crazy by now.

[Okay! Preparation is complete, Now go ahead and pour the concrete!]

The mixer truck pours the sludgy gray concrete onto the stone chest.

Then put the lid on it and the massive flag is now fully lockdown.

[Six fingers intertwined, a tower of skull, a breeched basket, Sacrific-]

What’s this! An Auditory Hallucination Is this Last Boss-chan Saying something creepy and threatening will do you no good, for I know the whole truth so that won’t scare the ** out of me! Man, it feels great to hear the howls of a loser.

[Now then let’s rebuild the temple!]

I’m not a demon, I’m a nice guy that just don’t only gives the stick but also the carrot as well.

I build you a new structure for your new shrine.

However, it would be made with complete sealed room with no entrance or exit, surrounded by layers of concrete and steel walls on all side, floors and ceilings as well! It would be so secured that if a murder happens inside, detective would be having a hard time solving a close room mystery.

Once this is completed, there will be no way for last boss chan can use her ability to manipulate the heroine using her sleep walking navigation to summon them to the shrine and forcibly release the sacred object.  Let see her try breaking this concrete barrier with bare hand or shovel.

Lucky since Japanese horror are weak against physical if this was a western monster flick it would be quite dangerous

[Giving birth to you was my biggest mistake!]

With the sound of a broken and dissonant music box a vision of a younger version of Mom appeared.

Heh! this time it’s a combo of visual and auditory hallucination.

Is this the psychological attack for the protagonist’s trauma Too bad that’s the protagonist’s not mine! Just so you know, my trauma is when my automatic nervous system failed after working for 30 hours straight and shat my pants on the train you idiot!


Finally, she gave up and made an appearance.

Even though she is the last, she as well is the target for the true ending route.

Kind of exciting to see her though.

If I described her, the only word that comes to mind is “white like a yuki-onna”.

It makes me wonder, Is she called because she is white Does this have something to do with the white rabbit that tricked the black rabbit here

I’m going to ignore her completely and oversee the construction progress.

Then eventually her harassment stops and Nubatama isn’t saying anything anymore but instead stares at me with begrudging look on her face.

She would sometimes stare at me or grinds her teeth but I don’t care! I don’t give a **!

She is really livid, but everything is okay it wasn’t the main body to begin with.

It’s in the mirror same with the Horcrux in H-rry P-tter.

Also, your pressure is nothing compare to my boss that would packed in more quote despite the Lehman Shock! Don’t underestimate a corporate slave!

Fuu- I can’t wait for this to be over, If I’m not here the construction of the main shield against the curse would stall because of the accidents that would happen which is a standard to Japanese horror works.

Uwaa- my stomach cracked open and worms starting to come out and stigmas are coming out as well.

There’s some scripture appearing too but too bad I can’t read it.

The excellent macho man worked from morning till sunset completing the construction successfully.

It’s not that there would be people living here and it is just a big curse dumpster so it wouldn’t make too much effort.

[Well thank you everyone for your hard work.

I have arranged the rewards and it will be sent on to the Swiss bank]

I honestly don’t know if it would be the Swiss bank though since I just said it as appropriation, then I bowed at them to show my appreciation for the perfect job done.

(Now the only thing I have to is transfer Nubatama’s hate towards loli-baba’s talisman)

I pressed the talisman and the wound that formed all over my body heals.

They started white and then becomes darker and darker and finally healing my body.

With the curse and prayers canceling each other’s out the talisman burst and disappears along with the hallucinations that had been tormenting me earlier.

Thanks, loli-baba!

Well, that’s it In principle it’s like a Soul game.

[Phew! I worked hard so let’s go home rabbit.

Let’s have crocodile! Crocodile!]


Together with rabbit we went back home.

Of course, this is not enough to contain Nubatama’s curse because really, it’s a very strong one.

But sealing it in concrete is not useless.

Sub-heroines who do not possess the quality of a hime-miko of Nubatama no Kimi would require physical contact with the shrine to trigger an event.

Meaning that the shrine itself is a minefield just like Puhiko.

This is why it’s a good idea to seal it off earlier to prevent occurrence of various accident cause by the shrine.

Of course, for Puhiko and other heroines who have strong ties with Nubatama no Kimi, this level of counter measure is meaningless.

There are ways such as dreaming daydreaming and other form of mental interference that can lead to fall into the darkness that’s why I’m still not fully relax.

Well let’s just appreciate this moment, that my plan is taking shape one step at a time.


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