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Chapter 18: Summer Vacation is a Jewel Box of Flags



I celebrated with Rabbit at home.

We drank juice like kids, and had crocodile casserole and curry brought by Puhiko mama.

[Did you like it Is it good]


The time-space rabbit nodded his head while enjoying some crocodile meat.

[I see, I wonder what would do for dinner tomorrow night]

 Because if I continue to eat Puhiko Mama’s place, I’m just going to increase likeability unnecessarily.


The Time-space rabbit tilted its head


The rabbit chimed in; this guy doesn’t look like to be bothered being tangled with me.

By the way, this time-space rabbit would eventually turn into a human being, but it could only happen at the middle of the true end event.

Unfortunately, in this run I’m going for a “No god No touch” Mode so rabbit-san would just remain as a rabbit.

But I can still use the cheat function so no problem there.

Now, I broke most of the flag that is associated with my childhood and summer but there are still a few more left.

It makes me wonder id summer and gal games goes hand in had just like rice and seaweed.

Summer means a lot of summer.

Seriously I wonder if is summer really is the most common season as a main setting for galge.

Based on my research there are lots of galge that are set on summer and spring while there are fewer one that are set in winter and autumn, but for some reason most experts found that masterpiece games ware mostly set on the latter season.

Though I can’t make any guarantees, as this were just personal preferences.

Well anyway my aim of this run is to break all the flags one by one.

I finished my daily chores and went to bed while thinking of more efficient way of breaking flags


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