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Ch2: Youth is fleeting, even if it’s gray

The game starts.

The game greets me with a clear blue sky as it’s background.

Actually, if you play this game, the tittle screen is completely cloudy, but the sky gradually clears as you capture the heroine, and when you reach the true ending, the “clear blue sky” that you see now would appear.

In other words, I have already completed this game that time.

I choose

[blackberry lily seeds ,Crescent moon, Crimson butterfly, torn mosquito net, decaying gold,  Ebisu’s kagura]

A black-haired woman wearing a heavy kimono muttered such meaningful word.

[oh, yeah, this atmosphere]

I interrupted the dialogue of the true end target (the last boss) in the middle of the game and pressed skip button as fast as I could.

Then the main character wakes up, not remembering a thing.

It drew me in in the past, but looking back it’s was quite a cliché.

I mean, aren’t there too many gal girl that start with a dream scene I skipped through the game, making full use of the skip function.

Can you even understand what’s going on in a game like that

Of course I do! I’ve played this game many time and to honestly, even though I lived a **ty life, I have a special ability that I’m proud of and it’s called “Photographic memory”.

It’s an instantaneous memory ability that allows me to recall every text I’ve seen once.

So why do I need to play it again

It’s because galge is not only about the story, but also a comprehensive form of art created by the music, pictures and text all working in unison.

If you only remember the text, it doesn’t mean you are playing the game.

Anyway, the boyhood part begins

[Puhihi, Yu-kun.

Good Morning]

The beautiful young girl with twin-tailed blonde hair, who was sitting on top of the main character’s body, greeted with a big smile.

The fact that she’s blonde even though she’s purely Japanese is a galge universal logic, you don’t have to worry about it.

Mishio is a so-called [Clumsy airhead female childhood friend character].

The protagonist calls her Puhiko or something because of her sniffling.

She’s the one easiest to get a good likeability if you choose the right choices.

[In the first place, I don’t really like her]

It’s just a minor prank.

As for the game itself, I like works that are not well known, and In game I often want to capture the unpopular heroine.

I guess I loved this game it the past.

For each Heroine I saved, I saved a key points where the route diverges and categorize the most memorable scenes and add comments.

I made full use of skipping and loading and in a few hours I was able to capture all the heroines again.

[Well that’s about it, Isn’t it]

My nostalgia is now satisfied.

But I’m not as impressed as I used to be, back then.

I’m in my late thirties now, so I guess I’ve reached the age where I can no longer enjoy coming-of-age stories from gal games, even if they’re  a creative work.

Feeling kind of lonely, I drank my beer and went to bed.


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