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Chapter 21: The Glasses Girl Declines (2)

(Oh look! She’s pulling away! She’s activating the skill of glasses girls)


Suddenly the glasses girl that was talking to me went silently and looked at me with a wary gaze.

[Look this is a library, you need to keep you voice low a bit]

[Sorry, I don’t usually go to a library, I was going to catch some bugs in the forest but it was suddenly becoming off limits.

I came here to cool off because I went all the way back from grandma’s house to catch giant stag beetles]

Ore girl then lower’s her volume and apologizes

Well that blockade is totally my fault, but thanks to that I’m spared from being turned into a human insect thanks to the evil insects that evolve because of Nubutama Hime’s curse.

You should thank me for that.

[You should stay away from the forest, I heard that there’s a scary uncle watching over it.]

Of course, I hired them.

[Right I couldn’t even sneak in! I wonder If I can catch something awesome there! Like a Hercules beetle!]

The ore-girl answered while forgetting her manners again

[Hercules beetles only lives in Central and South America and it’s impossible to find it here in Japan]

The glasses girl rebutted while giving her a cold stare.

[Whatever! Since I cooled off, let’s play Hide and seek or Daruma-san instead!]

Unfortunately, ore-girl is basically insensitive, that she failed to notice the ill-feeling the glasses girl harbors.

You can compare them to oil and water, they don’t go well together.

Sadly both of you belongs to a niche genre of personality, so I hope you two get along

Also, playing hide and seek and Daruma-san is NG since it would become a bad flag from the point of view of the story.

[I want to go but I haven’t finished my summer homework yet, and my childhood friends are waiting for me]

[You don’t have to do that! You can’t get expelled in elementary anyway so it doesn’t matter if you skip making them!]

[Anyone who isn’t intellectually ambitious is a fool]

The glasses girl says.

[Huh! You want a fight]


I’m just thinking about my book report, I don’t mean anything when I said that]

Then the glasses girl caresses the spine of by Kyusensatsu Oji-san that’s sitting on the bookshelf.

Oh glasses-chan, didn’t you just say that you just finished the book

[I don’t know what’s your problem but why are you so gloomy Try going outside for a bit so that you don’t turn into a mole cricket!]

[Thanks for the nickname, in return let me call you Miss Zamuza since you like those bugs]

Glasses girl, who was given an inappropriate nickname made a stinging comment.

Let’s not do this, having a girl given a nickname base on a poisonous insect isn’t fashionable.

She really has this Kafkaesque trait that have the potential to wake up one morning and turns into a poisonous insect!

[Heh, that’s great! If I transform with an insect, would I be a Rider type]

[E! Wai-wait a minute!]

The ore girl pulls the glasses girl and tried to take her along.

The glasses girl takes on the trait of an intellectual woman, strong on a verbal battle but weak physically.

[Oi, wait a moment, that girl already promised me to help me write my book report!]

[Ah, eh, yes…]

[What the heck, Chih, this is boring]

[Sorry about that, but would you like to go fishing some other time I’ll show you a spot where we can catch a lot and I have rods at home too]

[Really It’s a Promise.

I’m Tsubasa Toba!]

[Yuuki Naruse, Nice to meet you!]

I shook the hand of Tsubasa after she present her hands

[So where do you live]

[The house with the totem pole in the yard – the one with a weird ornament]

[I see! Alright, I’ll be there, next time]

Tsubasa then dashed off.


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