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Chapter 22: The Glasses Girl Declines (3)

[Um, thanks for your help.

Ah, erm I’m Michisei Nori, Naruse-san]

After making sure that Tsubasa had already walked away, she muttered a few words.

[Yuuki is fine, everyone calls me that, Can I call you Nori-chan]

 If I don’t break Glasses girl – Noris-san’s flag, she will turn into an annoying girl who gets envious because [I’m called by my last name, but you call other girls by their first name], which is very annoying.

[Ye-yes, Yuuki-kun]

She muttered my name like chewing it.

[Then, I’m going back, my friends are waiting for me]

[Ye-yes, well then, please excuse me]

Nori then went back unhappily and is about to leave.

I waited for the right moment to call out to her.

[Oh right! If you want, you can really help me with my book report.

That’s if you aren’t busy]


that’s a bit, I’ve already read all the book… Is that okay]


[Um, the two girls that Yuuki hang out with seems to get along very well and if I were to enter your circle, wouldn’t I upset the relationship]

Nori said reservedly.

[We didn’t get along at the start.

If relationship is determined by who comes first then most novel wouldn’t be created.

If you think about it, it might become a peaceful world where no golden Yashas are born]

[Hmmm, you might be right]

That’s when Nori smiled for the very first time.

She made a very silly smile.

(Err did I triggered the flag a little too much Well, a late-bloomer heroine won’t be able to develop a relationship quickly)

[Welcome back Yuu-kun, Erm, who’s that girl]

Puhiko look at me with eyes full of jealousy and madness hidden behind her innocence.

[She’s Nori chan, She’s good at working with book reports and I needed her help]

[Um, my name is Michisei Nori, Can I join you]

[Yes of course! Nevertheless, fu-fu-fu, as expected Yuu-kun is very popular]

Mika-chan said teasingly.

[I told you it wasn’t like that]

I replied bluntly

If I keep caring too much, Puhiko’s jealousy gauge would fill up too much, so after finishing the book report.

I will gradually decrease my interaction with her… then push her to Mika-chan.

After all it’s fine to push those annoying stuff to Mika-chan, since Mika-chan is good at handling those stuff.

Incidentally, Nori-san would become the student council secretary in the high school era stage so their compatibility is perfectly guaranteed.

But still Mika-chan is a help I think she’s the only one in the world that can call herself a facilitator of human relationship at job interviews, seriously.

For the next hour, we worked on our homework diligently.

Nori is one of the most studious girls, I ever met, so she taught Puhiko and get along with her as well as with Mika-chan.

Soon, the closing time approaches

[How was it]

I talked to her while we’re returning the books we borrowed.

[It’s kind of like a dream come true… I’ve always wanted to do something like that, though honestly, I’m scared because in a way it’s unfortunate that you get what you wanted]

[Like Akutagawa’s potato porridge]

By I mean those kind of story where you always wanted  to try eating all the KFC you can eat, but by the time you are about to eat it, you only end up not eating much of it.

Now I want KFC, but since I’m currently living in a country side there no fast food restaurant nearby.

I guess I’ll ask Rabbit chan to warp me to get one myself.

[I feel like that’s what I’m doing but unlike the it just makes me want more and more.

I feel ashamed of my greed]

[I think that’s fine, the porridge is finite while friendship is infinite.

The capacity of the heart is infinite as well]

[Hmph, I suppose it is, I’m a small eater anyway so you might be a big eater]

Nor answering jokingly.

Goo, now she opened up enough to tell a joke.

In terms of likability, I’d say it’s on the 70s.

I left the library satisfied.


Here is the character sheet for this novel: LINK

Be warned that there’s some slight spoiler ahead on the character sheet


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