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Chapter 23: Helping an Idol While Waiting for KFC (1)

[Yes, give me more thigh and less drumstick the rest would be as is]

I specify which part of the chicken I want to eat at Kenchiro’s Fried Chicken a.k.a.


Including the price for the warp it totals at the amount comparable to the amount of an order of a French meal.


[Is it good]

I sat by the window on the second floor and whispered to Rabbit-chan, who was sitting next to me.


Rabbit-chan nodded his head while munching on the thigh and revering on his rice.

I’m happy to hear that, I’d like to have some more but if I eat too much, I won’t be able to eat Puhiko’s dinner.

I carefully wiped my fingers with a wet tissue after I ate two pieces of chickens.

I admit that I’m in a mood for some KFC but that’s just an after thought

(It’s about time…)

[Rabbit-chan, you can just continue eating, just wait for me for a while]

I left the restaurant and the rabbit behind and went to the studio where some fans are already waiting.

[Sorry about the location, here’s something for you]


The man wearing a black suit who was waiting at the front row shook his head and refused.

As expected from the people hired by mom, their level of professionalism is off the charts.

They wouldn’t even eat nor drink while on duty.


Oh, she’s coming out.

A beautiful junior high school-aged girl in a frilly outfit appears.

She walks toward the meet up while being protected by her female manager.

[Sayuri-chan, Look at me!]

[I love youuuuuuuuuuu!]

[Can I get an autograph please!]

Various voices and shout of fans were being thrown at Sayuri.

Yes, Sayuri is an idol.

She’s a Showa-era idol pitting up against idols like Morning Musume and the others

[Sakuma-san, can you give me a moment]

[We still got job coming…]

[It’ll just be for a few moments]

Sayuri then went to graciously engages with her fans.

She really is an idol.

[Ooooooooooooooooooo, Sayuri! Let’s be together foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!]

Suddenly, a suspicious man with a messy beard jumped out, with a blade in his hand pounce Sayuri in a state of madness.


Sayuri’s scream echoes through the night.

[You bastard!]

The manager quickly steps forward to protect Sayuri.

And just before the deadly blade pierce the manager’s neck the black-suited man I hired puts the assailant in a choke hold then drops him to the floor maintaining the hold

[T-thank you]

Sayuri said with a wobbly and shaky but clear voice.

As expected from a popular idol, she has a lot of guts.

[it’s just my job, you should thank my employer]

I bow quietly

[Is he your employer Isn’t he just a kid]

[Anyway, let’s get into the car, we’re going to lose control of the situation if this continues]

The manager suggested after noticing the state of the current situation

[I understand.

Um if you don’t mind would you like to come and join us, I’d like to thank you properly]

[Well then, we gladly accept]

I got into a luxury car along with black outfit-san


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