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While sitting inside the car with me beside black outfit-san and Infront of us were Sayuri and her manager

[Once again, thank you for your help, without you I would be dead by now.

You save my life]

[That’s nothing, A relative of mine runs a company called net patrol and we found a suspicious post an hour ago.

I thought that we wouldn’t make it if we contact the police so I took action by rushing over, I’m just glad we made it in time]

I replied with a smile.

By the way I heard mom actually runs such company too, so I guess it’s not a lie, right

Oh, and the killer’s post is real too, we’ll only learn of it later in the work.

This really makes internet scary huh.

[I see, thanks again.

I wish there’s something that I can give you in return]

[I know it’s sudden and quite impolite but could I have the magatama that you have I read that it was given to you by your grandmother when you are a child, and in the magazine, I read you said that you’re always carrying it with you…]

[is it this one.


Sayuri then put her hands on her nape and remove a string around her, where at the end of it was the magatama.

[Yes, that’s it, can I, have it]

[I understand, here you go]

Sayuri easily offered the amulet to me.

Hmm… I can still feel her warmth, I wonder if I sell it to her fans would that get me a fortune

[Wait Sayuri! Isn’t that the emotional support you always cherished If you want to thank him then the office will help you think of a way to do it on a later date.]



It’s okay, my grandmother said that one day, when a crisis come, this amulet would help me and I’m sure that this day is that time]

Sayuri answered

[Thank you]

(Unfortunately, you’re wrong.

Actually, Sayuri would be possessed by the Nubatama-hime and would spread the curse using the Budokan concert and she would be protected by this magatama)

Sayuri’s route is a tale of rebirth of once a fallen idol.

Her story starts with her trusted manager getting killed for protecting her, she would then be so traumatized that she took a leave from the showbusiness and went to our countryside to recuperate and rest.

There, she would meet the main character, heals her emotional wound and start aiming to be an idol again.

It’s unusual for which basically is set at a countryside for the route to be set on Tokyo and is a cruel and gorgeous story.

What Sounds like Idol Master You think so, don’t you

In the main story the protagonist was transformed and become a girl and forms a duo with her.

I don’t know how did that happen honestly.

But since I still miss Mai-san I don’t want to go into Sayuri’s route.

[I’m curious, if you don’t mind can you tell us why you want the magatama]

[Yeah, you have the right to know anyway, Does Inaba shrine ring a bell I’m an officer of that shrine]

[I remembered; I hear grandmother used to be a miko of such a shrine]

[That’s right.

In fact, those magatama are originally not allowed outside of the village.

However, your grandmother fell in love with an outsider and left the village, breaking the law.

Originally breaking the rule would be met with a punishment and in order to escape from it you grandmother took the village’s hidden treasure, the magatama with her.]


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