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This one is true, this magatama was originally one of the sacred treasures to appease the Princess of Nubatama.

The Princess’s seal weakens because of the amount of taboo that accumulated from this age.

[Is that so.

I’m sorry for the trouble my grandmother caused you]

[It’s nothing, it’s an old system that would eventually become obsolete with the passage of time.

It’s only a matter of time before it fails anyway.

It just happened that it was exposed in Sayuri’s grandmother’s generation.

Either way it’s nothing to worry about, what’s important is the magatama would be returned.

That’s all that matters]

I smile creating an air of sincerity.

[Um, you see, grandmother regretted it very much before she died.

She betrayed her hometown, betrayed her parents and put her desires first.

I think that I should be the one who should replace her as the hime-miko of the shrine]

Sayuri muttered with a cloudy expression

[I’ll take care of the things in the village so don’t worry about it.

You can only save only one village at most if you become an hime-miko but if you stay as an idol, you can inspire more people in Japan or even the whole world.

It goes without saying which one should you choose.

Personally, I’m one of you fan as well and I would miss seeing you on TV]

I said while sporting a shota-like smile.

I’m going to give my all to stop you to become a Hime-miko.

This is for the sake of my balls on my lower half.

Well, But I guess I can use that identity as an idol…

[Remember Sayuri, your body isn’t for yours alone any longer.

It’s for the fans all over the country who are waiting for the idol Sayuri Kohinata.]

[I understand… I’ll give my best.

I won’t be able to change the past, but I will create more hope, more than the amount of disappointment my grandmother gave by following her desire and prove to the world that her life was not a mistake.

I can then proudly say that I am the person I am today because of her – and I have such wonderful little fan]

Sayuri smiled like she was blown away and patted my head.

Oh Is this Onee-Shota Are you in Onee-Shota, Sayuri-san

[This is an excessive reward, anymore and I’ll have to pay you something]

I said bashfully with a look appropriate of my age.

[Hmmm… If you look closely, you’re not that handsome but you have a friendly face of an idol.

If you like, you can join our office]

The manager said so while giving me her business card.

It’s because I have the protagonist’s face, it’s not ugly.

[I’ll take this as a souvenir, but I won’t join your office.

I don’t want to be in a scandal with Sayuri and provoke the hate of men all over the country]

[Ufufufu, I see, if you see such a cute girl and joined you, you might make a mistake.]

[I don’t want that, if Sayuri’s image got tarnished our office would be on the rope]

Sayuri and her manager smirked at me, as if they thought it was just a raving of a kid.

So I wrapped up the conversation, parted ways with them and returned to KFC.

I invited black outfit-san but he refused me saying he only eat chicken breast.

Macho men sure are hard to deal with.


The rabbit spit the bone and made a face like it’s asking me [How was it Did it work]

I nodded and reached for the last chicken.

Sayuri is only a sub heroine, but despite the lightness of her story, the items she possesses are super important since it is one of the sacred items.

Anyway, now I have insurance, as long as I take an irregular path I wouldn’t know when the curse would come down to me and caught me by surprise that’s why it’s best to have a spare purification item with me.

Now that I satisfied my craving for meat and I was able to secure my safety.

I warped back to the village in high spirits.

After all money, connection and meat would save the world.


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