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Chapter 25: A Gal Game With a Good Best Friend Character is a Masterpiece

Best friend character.

It is the greatest tool for the main character to comprehend and sometimes a rival.

Sometimes he’s a good sensitivity measuring device.

Sometimes they become a capture target a fan disk.

It is not an exaggeration to say that you can tell the level of a gal game by looking at the best friend character.

There’s no bad gal game with good best friend character.

That I assure you.

It’s like tamagoyaki at a restaurant.

In some cases, they become household name throughout the series that they become loved by the players more than any heroes and heroine.

Unfortunately, in Kumosora which you can’t consider a masterpiece, the best friend character is quite mediocre although he is a nice guy.

(Although it is guaranteed, the best friend character in this game is the king of handyman)

And of course, there are several heroines that have best friend that act as bridges to capture them

(That’s the reason why I came to the riverside with the heroines in the first place)

In the crystal-clear stream, accompanied by a refreshing sound, the three of Puhiko, Tsubasa and Me cast our fishing line from the side of the river.

We were looking at each other thinking:

 (Isn’t it time for us to change the fishing spot)

Tsubasa let out a bored yawn because of the bite she never gets.


Puhiko, too seemed to have had enough and put down her rod and starts throwing.

These two were supposed to be in charge of ingredient gathering while Mika chan and Nori chan handles the food prep near the main camp.

Of course, in the original game Tsubasa and Nori are not supposed to be here

[Nah, I’ll stick here for a little longer]

I insist.

Not to catch a fish but for a serious flag that I am waiting to happen.

(There’s no exact time on the game but I’m pretty sure it would happen by lunch.)

I waited with sense of urgency.

As I idly watch a kingfisher coming for a dive—A sound of splashing water came to my ears.

[Hey! Hey! This is bad!]

Tsubasa throws out her rod and point upstream, with a rumbling noise a young girl about our age or maybe younger, seems to have hung up by her and is struggling.

She’s already breathing quite heavily.

The river flows quite fast and as I watch the little girl get closer.

[Puhya! She’s drowning! What should we do! What do we do!]

Puhiko is in a dazed and panicked and turned right to left

[Let’s use the plastic bottle as floats! Everyone throws all the contents!]

I gave the order, then I dumped the contents of the two-liter plastic bottles and put back the caps again


Puhiko and Tsubasa followed my lead and made an improvised float

[Ha! Ha! Ha! Somebody! Please! Help my sister!]

At the same time, we heard a neutral sounding husky voice along with a shout by the river bank.

(You’re finally here future best friend, I’ll take care of this!)

[Shit! Hold on into this!]

I put the three plastic water bottles together into a bucket with string, Then, threw it to the river using centrifugal force.

[Dammit I can’t reach it]

But because of the rapidly flowing river, there’s no way I could accurately hit the right place to save her.

[Argh! I’m going! Pull me up]

Tsubasa Jumped into the river without hesitation.

That’s ore-girl for you! Just as expected! I’m sorry to admit but you are the best swimmer that we have here.

Secretly though, I already put some rescue personnel waiting in a small boat in a chance that we fail, though I prepare them to look like as natural as possible.

[Oh Mishio! Go get your parent!]


Puhiko rushes back the main camp


Tsubasa who’s holding the end of the bucket and having the improvised float around her awaits for the girl to pass.

[Got her! Ugh! Don’t flail too much]

Tsubasa successfully secured her

[Guh! There’s adult coming soon, don’t try to fight the current just think about floating!]

While grabbing the end of the bucket strap, I put my feet up on a rock to become a human anchor

[Let me help too]

[Ah, please]

The handsome red-haired boy rushed to help me pull the string.

[Dad! Mom! This way!]

We both held on desperately, and then I soon heard multiple footsteps approaching us accompanied by Puhiko’s shout.

(I guess this is mission complete now!)

I was relieved that my plan had worked out, but even when the adult arrives, I still didn’t relax my hold towards the string until Tsubasa and the girl is finally out of danger.

T/N: Honestly, I forgot already that Puhiko’s real name is Mishio


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