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Chapter 26: A Kouhai Character was Saved

In the end, the little girl was saved safely and with no injuries.

She’s crying with fear for a while, but now she regained her composure, drinking a pack of juice we had brought along with us

[Thank you! You guys saved my sister’s life]

After we returned to camp, my future best friend, Kaoru Tachibana, shook my and Tsubasa’s hand and repeatedly thanked us over and over again

[Onee-chan, Onii-san, Thank you very much!]

Nagisa Tachibana, a future kouhai character, hugged both me and Tsubasa with friendliness that shows her future devilish character.

I smiled,

[We didn’t catch a fish but we did catch something big that we didn’t expect.

Ah anyway I’m hungry let’s eat! Come joint us Kaoru, Nagisa!]

Tsubasa to smiled amicably, inviting the two for a meal/

[Are you sure]

[Yes, food taste better when we eat together.]

[I’m glad! Me and my sister just moved here from Tokyo recently so I don’t know anyone.

Also, mom and dad also want to thank you]

[Seriously The we can go to the candy store and have an eat all you can or something!]

Tsubasa’s eye sparkled filled with childish innocent desire.

[Of course!]

[Ah, right! Kaoru, since you come from the city, you haven’t heard of Begoma right I’ll teach them to you next time!]

[Beigoma Not BaySword[1]]

City boy Kaori, tilt his head.

We live in the countryside.

[Ah, we’re going to the candy store! I’m going to make a natto monja!]

Nori then answered nervously.

[Is that fine]

[Yeah, I’m afraid of the old lady because her stares are scary that’s why I always only pass by it.]

[Next time let’s all go together]

[Yes! To be honest I don’t really like to eat too much candy because it seems that it has lots of sugars, but I have been curious because it appears in the novel I read from time to time.

Yuuki, do you have any candy that appears from Akutagawa’s work]

[I don’t know… I mean there’s no clear description of what sweet are those, aren’t it]


It’s said to be Karinto because of the oil like smell that was described but it’s not really certain]

[Everyone! You can talk all you want but eat quickly or the meat will burn]

Mika-chan who’s a naturally caring person, urges everyone to hurry up and eat.

(Ah scene like this where relations start and turns out well, make all those flags breaking all worthwhile)

In the original story of the game, there’s no Tsubasa in this even.

Even Kaori failed to rescue his own sister and the protagonist with only a single bottle tried to save Nagisa.

However, that is nothing but a reckless courage of a young boy.

He was powerless against the ravaging rapids and They both lost consciousness.

When all seems to be lost, they were miraculously been saved by the adult that was called by Puhiko, caught in a driftwood.

But the truth behind the miracle is that Nagisa in her dying state made a pact with an ancient demon that lurks in the river to gain temporary life.

It was later revealed in the route itself

Ther route is a story of an energetic and sassy junior, a beautiful woman who adores the protagonist, gradually becoming crazy and deformed both physically and mentally, which is a standard route of a bizarre horror story.

Honestly, I don’t like the idea for a gal game to instill a fetish of being eaten by a girl who transformed in to a large snake.

(Well, I broke that flag too.)

First of all, we didn’t reach the critical stage to begin with and so the curse didn’t activate.

And with the help of Tsubasa rescuing Nagisa, it disperses her likability and makes it hard for her to generate flags.

(You can also go with the Yuri route, Kouhai-chan)

And, of course, to best friend-kun, I am still her sister’s lifesaver, so we will still be good friends, just like in the main story.

(Now if only I could use this handsome guy to successfully force some heroine’s favor…)

There are two main types of best friend’s characters: the unattractive, good-natured type and popular, neutral good-looking type, and this guy is the latter that’s why I want to make full use of them.

Well, I don’t want to push it too much though, there’s still a possibility of stepping on a strange landmine by being too greedy.

Let me explain.

In this setting, I like Puhiko (And will do so in this world) but It would be best to push to other Puhiko who is a troublesome department store of flags.

(Anyway, I wonder if the flag of the most important person in this childhood stage of mine had been successfully recovered as well with this.)

I felt secretly relieved as I took the lead in eating the meat that was overcooked and almost burnt while giving the good part of the meat to the heroine just like how the protagonist would do it.

[1] Bayblade rip off


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