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Chapter 27 Expecting the Unexpected (1)

[Fuuu~ it really feels good to have a ramune after a win!]

It’s a sunny afternoon, with Tsubasa jingling her left hands with the beigoma she has captured, while holding a ramune on her right.

[I’ve lost lots of money again, I may not have enough money to last until next allowance]

Kaoru the victim of the theft, smiled bitterly.

[Such thing… Really, you were bad at it at first but now you can now win at least one out of five games, rights]

[Yeah, Thans to Yuuki who’s training me]

[You’re dexterous and a quick learner.

However, you need to have experience to win in Beigoma.]

I said to him.

As I hoped, Kaoru and I got along well enough to call each other by our first name.

we are the rare male member of the group.

As long as we don’t screw up badly, we can get along on our own.

[Yeah, I want to try various things, BaySword is fun and so is Beigoma because of the fact that you can play however you want]

[Just keep practicing, I’ll lend you as many tools as you need]

[I’m the older one, but I wonder where did Yuu-kun learned the Chinko roll]

Mika puts a bag of ice cream on my cheek and whisper to me at such a distance that her lips is just so near to my ear.

The name of the roll is doozy, but I can’t do anything about it, it’s what it’s really called.

[Mi-Mika-neee, don’t say it like that]

I answered acting like a shy younger brother.

[It’s science, it’s important to set the tops center of gravity properly base on the material and shape of the top]

[I see, but it would be useless unless you try it for yourself]

To Nori’s suggestion, Kaoru responded with a handsome smile enough that he could launch his own fan club in the future.

[That’s great! That’s what makes a man, a man.

Here’ have some ramune]

[U-um yeah thanks]

Kaoru accepts Tsubasa’s offer, though his face turned beet red

(Dammit, Kaoru-kun! Please notice the beautiful girl beside you called Puhiko, you little bastard)

My plan to make Kaoru-kun be my best friend is working fine, but my other plan of pushing Puhiko on him, on the other hand isn’t going well.

Contrary to my expectation, Nest friend-kun seem to have a liking for Tsubasa.

Well, I guess I can’t do anything about that.

This was the price I had to pay for twisting the flag, I guess.

Also, in the current timeline there are no romantic comedy that would make me made a mistake or should I say everything had already been cleared up.

The main reason why the protagonist was allowed to make a mistake regarding Tsubasa’s sexuality is because of the time they spent together is very short and it only lasted one day.

(It’s probably okay I guess, Kaoru and Tsubasa aren’t even remotely related in the original story)

In the original story those two have almost no interaction, there shouldn’t be any weird flag.

If so I guess it’s okay to leave it to Kaoru’s love affair.

We can guide her emotion but forcing it wouldn’t be a good idea.

[I wonder, why the skill of a single individual dictates the hierarchy of a group, whether if he’s quick or not.

Are humans really what Johan Huizinga calls a Homo Luden]

[I’m not good with it too, I’m always last races and I can’t even spin a Beigoma, Hey let’s just play house over there!]

Puhiko now recognized Nori as a friend and tugs on her sleeve.

Puhiko can be described as clumsy mess-maker and is only good with cooking fermented food and not ordinary food.

According to the “Epilogue” episode in the fan disk the protagonist and Puhiko would be married and will live in a diet of pickles everyday just like a monk would.

That’s why I’m trying to avoid Puhiko’s route.

[It’s not that I’m bad at it or anything so I guess we can play that… By the way did you know Dolls were originally set up as a prostitute]

Nori followed Puhiko while blurting out some disgusting trivia

[Nagisa, joining in!]

Nagisa comes with them

[I guess I’ll join you guys…]

Mika joins the three just to take care of them, since those three are clumsy by nature like Puhiko who’s an airhead, Nori who is a thorough reality-based author who won’t believe such thing as an ogre crossing worlds, so it might end up that Nagisa would be crying if she we’re left alone with the two.

Mika sure is a great girl, I don’t know why she has to go through such terrible experience in almost all of the route.

The writer of sure are jerks.


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