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Chapter 28: Expecting the unexpected (2)

[I want to do more exciting things, since I haven’t caught any bugs yet and I want to do some treasure hunting too, Maybe I should sneak inside the woods after all.]

Tsubasa said.

[I think we shouldn’t go to the forest, I heard that a stranger who came trying to catch some giant stag beetles was sent to the hospital]

I showed reluctance in going to the forest.

You Little bastard, don’t try to get anywhere near the forest or I’ll kill you.

Do you really want to be Zamuza for real

[How about a test of courage It’s summer so won’t it be fun]

Good one Kaoru! I’ve been waiting for you to say that!

[A test of courage Want to try the House of the Count of Poisonous Moth]

I said and subsequently made and built the flag

[What’s the House of the Count of Poisonous Moth]

[You haven’t seen it on the way to this village It’s a western style house sitting on a hill, that’s full of ivy.

It looks like it really is haunted]

[A-, that’s sounds like there would be some kind of murder is going to happen there]

Tsubasa nodded in agreement.

[I only caught a glimpse of it on the way here from the car and I find it quite magnificent and old.

Can you tell me why it’s called that]

[According to rumors, a long time ago a count who’s an entomologist from abroad heard of the rumors of a very rare moth that  could be found in the forest of this village and he built a house here.

Then he falls in love  to a local woman and they married, but the Count actually had a wife and children in his home country, when the woman learned of it, she feared that she will be abandoned so she hatched a planned involving the administering a poison that come from the moth.

This gradually weakens the Count and was made unable to do anything on his own.

This made the wife hope that he would rely on her more and made it so that he can’t live without her.

After a lot of trouble, they end up stabbing each other to death, and after the incidents, there’s few claims saying that the moans of the count and a woman’s sob would still be heard form their old house.

Because of it the house failed to get any new buyer and had been uninhabited for a long time.]

Mika who made the follow up about the house, turned around and explained to us.

[That’s story, it sounds like a perfect place to put your courage to test]

[I’m curious about that mansion too.

The town’ history only mentioned that it was built by a man called Count and there’s no information outside of that.

It must have been a very big incident considering the size of this village.

It felt that it was unnaturally had been erased]

Nori put her hands on her chin and wonders.

Sounds like a pretty bad flag, right Fortunately, it wasn’t

[Well even if it’s true or not, it does sound interesting, doesn’t it So, if we’re going to do a test of courage, that’s the only place to go]

[Alright! Here’s the rule.

Tonight, at midnight, we’re going to meet at the front of that vending machine.

Of course, you’re not allowed to tell your parents since it’ll be boring if we got chaperone on our back.]

Tsubasa declared while pointing at the vending machine at the candy store.

She also has to add more risk too.

I knew the conclusion of this event, so I can go ahead and step on it.

Thought the first time I played it it confuses me cause this is definitely a death flag.

[Eh- I don’t want to! I’m afraid of ghosts]

[Nagisa don’t like it too!]

Puhiko and Nagisa refused to go along with it.

They shake their head buzzingly side to side.

In the original story, the four member who went to the test of courage was Puhiko, Mika, The protagonist and Kaoru.

Puhiko was still afraid of the test, but decided to participate out of jealousy, not wanting to leave Mika and me alone.

It’s unclear what condition would they reach in this time line but it doesn’t matter.

What matter is that I can go to that house at a specific time.

[If you don’t want to come then don’t come! You can go to your mom and suck her tiddies and go back to sleep! But don’t go tell of your parents.

Hey Yuuki, Kaoru you’re going right]

Tsubasa said so.

[Since I’m the one who suggested it It’s natural that I go]

I nodded

[I’ll go with you]

Kaoru said decisively.

In the original story he said that because he don’t want Puhiko to see him being uncool but in this time line I guess it was no replace with I don’t want Tsubasa to see me uncool.

[I don’t think it’s a good idea but… even if I tried to stop him, I’m sure that he would still probably go, so I might have to take a close watch.

Even if I stay home anyway, I won’t be able to sleep from worrying]

Mika-chan announced her participation in a it can’t be helped manner

[Normally this would be trespassing, but this kind of thing is only allowed while you’re still a child and it might not be a bad idea to experience it.

There may also be some clue that will help us get to the bottom of the local history]

Nori is enthusiastic as expected.

She seems to a strict character but she does show great deal of curiosity.

[Looks like everyone is participating except for the Pig and the Kid there!]

[Eh! You’re all going I guess I’ll go too]

[u-um I’m going too! I don’t want to get left out!]

When Tsubasa provoked the two of them, they reluctantly agreed.

Thus it is decided that we’ll go to that rumored haunter house.


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