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Chapter 30: Ojou-sama Characters are Easy to Handle (Part 1)

[S-sorry, u-um, we didn’t saw any light so we thought there’s no one here]

Kaoru made an excuse

[This is an old building and electricity wasn’t distributed here yet because we just arrived here recently]

Ciel is from England.

She immigrate to this country side to escape from a bloody power struggle in her home country, therefore she was not even prepared to live here.

[Argh, Dammit! If you’re going to stay here at least put a proper sign!]

Tsubasa swears

[You’re a feisty thief, aren’t you It won’t be good to let you roam this world]

[I’m sorry, I won’t do it again so please forgive us]

I made an apology that is a sincere as it can be


They’ve already apologize so Let them go please]

[But Ojou-sama, they could be assassins]

[And what kind of assassin would fall for such a simple trap]

Ciel just shrugs Sophia’s concern

Ciel’s trauma would occur once she found out that her trusted is actually the mastermind behind the bloody mess on her home country, I doubt that I can prevent that from happening, since the other party is a zaibatsu (Financial Conglomerate power house).

No matter how much money I make and how many connection I build I won’t still be able to match their wealth and power.

Well, Ciel’s blood as Hime-Miko of Nubatama Hime is too thin to be directly be able to cause a global tragedy and Ciel’s bad end only affects her and would not escalate to a world level crisis.

In short, she’s a heroine who’s cost to save would not return any yield and can be put at the back burner.

Though still, this Ojou-sama character is still helpful in various event so I might as well keep the relationship.


Sophia slowly approached us and then she draws her sword that is on her waist and then we were freed from our bond and rolled on the floor


Wasn’t that a violation of the Firearm Control Law]

Nori calmly chimes in

[It’s just a fake sword]

Sophia answered without batting an eyelid and went back to the side of her lady.

Though what she claimed to be a fake is in reality, a sword called Tsuyobuki which is considered the most powerful sword in the game.

It is said that it was filled with the soul of her friends who died from the harsh experiment.

Sophia, the sliver haired maid was experimented and almost transformed to an enhanced human by Mom, and was fortunately been saved by Ciel when she was looking for an escort.

And thanks to Sophia’s and her friends Sacrifice, Yuuki Naruse the protagonist, me was alive and well and because of that, I have to thank Sophia.

By the way, she is not a heroine in the original work, but after the release of she became more popular than her master Ciel-chan and became available in the fan disk.

She and the Protagonist had lots of past history and her likability would start at a negative making it hard to capture her.

[For the time being, let’s not talk here while standing.

Please, come in, and have some tea.

Sophia Oocha- no let’s go with the British Tea]


Sohpia Disappears from our sight without a sound.

Her fighting prowess is comparable to that of Krillin of Dragon Ball.

She can beat ordinary people in a short time but wouldn’t be a match against The heroines who’s under the curse of Nubatama Hime.

[Then please come to the reception room]

Ciel leads us to into the parlor with refined movements

A candle was lit by a match from the room.

[Eh… is that Fabre’s Book of Insect Is that the first Edition]

Nori’s eye lit up with excitement when she saw the bookshelves that was inside.

[I don’t know if that’s the first edition, all I knew is that it’s an old one.

It belonged to my great-grandfather]

[U-um can I read it That is if you don’t mind]

[Sure, be my guest]

[Thank You!]

Nori went and turn into a bookworm.

Looks like she won’t be joining the conversation for a while.

[Excuse me.]

Soon after, Sophia brings in a silver cart with teapot and tea set, then an awkward silence fell.

Of course, it would happen, we’re trespasser remember

[I can’t read English much, but I see that it looks like all the book here are bout insects.

Does it have something to do with the Count of the Venomous Moth]

[Count of the Venomous Moth What’s that]




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