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Chapter 30: Ojou-sama Characters are Easy to Handle (part 2)

[A rumor that has been going around in this village for a while now.]

I explained to Ciel the brief anecdote of the < Count of the Venomous Moth > and how we came here for a test of courage.

[I see, so that’s why you went here.

It’s not that I find it agreeable, but I do understand, though 80% of it is fiction.

It’s true, my great-grandfather is an entomologist and married a local woman which is my great-grandmother, but the rest wasn’t true.

The truth is that it’s my great-grandmother is the one that got ill and my great-grandfather brought her to England to seek medical care]

The fact of the matter is that this story is a result oof a mixture of tragedies related to various heroine’s ancestors and rumor about Ciel’s great-grandfather.

The reality is that it happened, just that Ciels great-grandfather was not involved on it.


What the Hell, That’s boring]

[Fuu! Thanks goodness, there’s no ghosts.]

[Blond-neechan, this tea is great and the sweets as well too! Thank you!]

Puhiko and Nagisa was relieved.

[You’re welcome.

Now that you know the truth, how will you atone for this crime I don’t like it when things are left unfinished.]

Ciel then gives us a stern, aristocratic like look

[Yeah, you’re right how about we help clean up the house for now, though I think we will be short on staff]

I offer a text book example of a proposal in order to redeem us.

[U-un, Good idea.

I’ll do my best to help!]

Kaoru immediately nodded in agreement.

[If onii-san would help, Nagisa will to!]

[Puhiko would help too! Did you know Natto has the ability to clean your water.]

[Oh, I hope you leave it to me to organize and stack things]

The others generally agreed.

[Ah- Cleaning and tre-]

[Tsubasa-chan, Let’s follow Yuu-kun here.

Hopefully we can have a secret base of our own.]

[A secret base huh.

That might not be so bad.]

Mika-chan quickly subdue dissatisfaction.

[Then it’s settled, it won’t be fair to leave everything to Sophia]

Ciel drank the herbal tea and think for a bit.

(Olet me explain! Ciel is just hungry for a friend which she can treat as equal!)

Her setting is that of an Ojou-sama who is tired of the muddy relationships that assumes the interest of one another, which is a peculiar happening in conglomerates.

In other words, she’s a typical young lady character that could be consider weak and fragile in the area of true friendship

[Then Ojou-sama, let me take care of the cl-]

[You’re already working too much lately, haven’t you I don’t have any other maid that I can trust so I don’t want you to get sick now]

Ciel said in a compassionate tone that show a glimpse of a blond, drill styled haired tsundere.

[If you say so, Ojou-sama – you, please don’t take advantage of Ojou-sama’s generosity.

Don’t get carried away or there won’t be a next time]

Sophia looked at us with piercing glare.

(Well, the stage is already set.

Now all I have to do is nip the bud of the problem as early as possible)

I feigned a mysterious not and set my sights on the silver-haired maid.

I can’t break Ciel’s depression flag right now, but Sophia’s case is different.

If the best outcome won’t be possible, the best thing we can do is to make a better choice and buy her happiness.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading

In preparation for the release of the book version this coming Feb 19.

has been released at the following URL

Please takle a look if you would like to know more about Ciel and your encounter with her.

The CV for the PV would be MS Yukari Tamura!

I believe that a Tsundere Oujo-sama and Yukari Tamura goes together like tea and cake!


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