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Chapter 31: The Character of the Protagonist May Change for Each Route (Part 1)

We went to Ciel’s western-style mansion to clean it.

Eventually, the summer vacation ends and we had to deal with common events that would be considered as a writer’s padding or episode fillers, such us the elementary school having lots of new students from the overseas and the mosaic-like comedy skit pertaining to cultural difference between Japan and England, and when we got to know each other well enough, I decided to meet up with Ciel and Sophia.

One day while Puhiko suddenly went to the dentist, Mika was working on the Student Council, Tsubasa was busy on her sports club, Nagisa and Kaoru were out shopping with their family and Nori is in her reclusive mode reading lots of new released book, I decided to put my plan into action.

[Can I have a moment of your time now]

I went to Ciel mansion after finishing my math homework.

[I’m fine with that, it seems that you want to say something to me]

Ciel, who was sitting across me closes the book she was reading and turned her gaze probingly.

[Did you notice]

[Yes, I often felt hot gaze on me and I was thrilled, I wonder if you got fascinated as well but apparently it wasn’t]

Ciel said jokingly


It’s worth it to see the gap and glancing at to not get caught around.

Ciel is really a girl who had survived the social world making her sensitive to other people’s gaze and emotion

[I have a reason to see the both of you.

I want to apologize for something]

I started of by putting an air of seriousness.

[Apologize I’m not so narrow minded as to hold on to the fact that you broke into my mansion forever, Or maybe it’s about the cake you snatched from the tea stand]

Ciel tightened her expression from my unusual behavior.

[Currently I am using my father’s surname Naruse.

But my mother’s surname is Kushieda.

I hope that did make it clear]

[You! Are you related to Scylla!]

Ciel braces herself


Sophia put her hands on the hilt of her sword

Oh come on don’t give me a dead end all of the sudden.

[I guess you could say that I’m somewhat related if you want to call it that way, though I’m part of the business and I’m using my mother, but I am not involved with Scylla or Operation Orochi]

[I can’t trust you because you know those thing]

Ciel said with hint of caution

[It’s true, I was still young when my father took me with him when we move, he that’s why I don’t even remembered.

I only started talking with my mom last summer.

If you still doubt me, you can have her look into it – it also looks like that Sophia is aware of me since the first time we met.]

[I was aware of that.

Regardless, I couldn’t help but feel a twinge on the .

However, I didn’t know that you don’t remember any of it.

If you went under the procedure, you must have lost relevant memories as part of it’s price.]

Sophia is right, the protagonist in the original work does not recall any related to Mom’s research unless he went on a specific route.

[Yeah, it would have even better if I didn’t know.

But now that I know I can’t leave it alone.]

[Can’t leave it alone I beg your pardon, but what can you do You’re just a kid that’s obviously less powerful than me I am not comfortable with such easy sympathy.]

Sophia said with unusually emotional and raspy voice.

[W-wait a minute.

Explain it to me in a way that I can understand! I knew Sophia was treated atrociously while she’s in Scylla, but what does it have to do with Yuuki]

[OIf course, then let me explain from here.

This is currently the information that I have at the moment…]

I told them only the necessary information while withholding some of them too.

If I told them it would be like foretelling Ciel’s future.

Telling her that her brother is involve more than my mother would only cause her likeability to drop, which will be bad for me.

[…So you mean your mother, in order to save you who was born weak and sickly, dabbled in such inhumane scheme…]

[That’s what I meant, my father, who subsequently learned of it could not forgive her and divorced her and took me to this village]

[I understand the situation, but isn’t that a crime that she should atone for and not for Yuuki to apologize for]


That’s right, but it doesn’t change the fact that my life was saved because of the sacrifice made by Sophia and the others.]

[Is that so There are people that a re born with such destiny and is force to bear them]

Ciel said in a grave voice filled with realization.

Normally this wouldn’t be a conversation of a second grader.

Ciel is a child forced to become an adult because of the circumstances of her social world, but in my case, my character as the main protagonist is already fallen apart.

But that’s okay.

This is very common in gal games that the writer changes depending on the route and character of the protagonist becomes that of a different personality.

[So what do you want to do Even if you apologize, I can’t forgive her, and even though I know I shouldn’t hold a grudge against you I just can’t pretend it didn’t happen and be all chummy with you]



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