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Chapter 31: The Character of the Protagonist may change for each route (Part 2)

Ciel looked at Sophia with indescribably sad expression.

[I know, Sophia.

I’m not looking for a convenient way to improve our relationship]

[So, you want me to take you as an hostage and blackmail that woman Maybe that would free some of my friends]

[That’s impossible.

Yes, it’s true that it started as a research project to save me but now it’s not in that stage anymore.

Taking me hostage won’t stop my mother]

Mom, who lost me to my dad, has become more and more absorbed in her research to the level that of a mad scientist because of her loneliness.

The fac that she’s funded by dangerous organization would make it hard for her to stop now.

And, the fact that Ciel’s brother is one of the major investors too.

[This conversation right now is worthless; it’ll only make both party uncomfortable]

[I don’t agree with what Sophia says, we might not be able to stop my mom’s experiment but there’s a possibility that we can save some from hell.]

Unfortunately, it’s your job sequel’s protagonist to stop Mom’s experiment.

As for me my current mission is to improve my relationship with Sophia.

[Can you save them Do you think that, that cold-blooded woman would be willing to compromise if you told her Its Scylla’s most sensitive and greatest asset

[I don’t think we can success with but I’m sure we can do something with the ]

Haaaaaaaa! He’s the strongest agent and if we mess around, the heroine of the sequel might be summoned and complicate the situation.

[Sophia, what’s a ]

[Those are experimental subjects who successfully passed the second stage of the research but failed in the last part.

Many of them turned mentally compromised and cannot be used on operation activities.

At best, their use and discarded in suicide mission and sabotage mission]

Sophia answered Ciel’s question while looking like she bit a bitter bug.

[I know’ it’s kind of rude to say this to people, but iare they like ]

[Yes, Imagine me not being picked up by Ojou-sama— what would you do with such a broken person Even if you rescue them, how would you treat them Ordinary Nurses can’t take care of them.

They’ll just murder those nurses and turn them into a corpse]

[Of course, we’re going to fix them]

[Are you insane You think you can fix Even when that woman hasn’t been able to do it even after a decade of research]

[I have a different approach than mother took.

I can’t do it for severely injured people, but theoretically, mildly injured and who are eroded could be saved as well.

The most we can save are three people]

Mom can only use the chemicals, as for me I can use the occult.

[If you’re joking, I’m going to kill you]

Sophi turned her beastly eyes on me.

Uwaah, it’s scary.

[I’m serious, it’s true that I haven’t gotten any test subject and succeeded, so I can’t make any guarantees but I’m confident]

[… Suppose I can believe you.

So what do you want me to do]

[I want you to choose who to save, I can’t choose who to save and I have to save them all equally but unfortunately, I can’t save them all with my current powers]

[Are you trying to pin the responsibility to me]

[You can take it that way.

As I said earlier, we can save at least three people but it would be safer to save one only.

It would be great if you can choose more than one person and less than three persons]

I looked squarely at Sophia’s eyes.

[…subject number 0981, codename .

I don’t know the surname but I called her Ai.

– if you helped her, I would be grateful to you for the rest of my life.

You would be the person I would respect next to Ojou-sama]

Sophia muttered words rapidly with a straight face.

The codename can determine the strength of the agent.

The higher the codename jewel’s Hardness in Mohs’s scale the stronger they are.

Ai is the trauma swith in Sophia’s route, She was her close friend and confidante who befriended her in the research facility.

Unfortunately only Sophia was saved by Ciel and she was left behind.

In Sophia’s route on the fan disc the protagonist stepped into their scene, but was too late and she can’t be saved and they both killed each other which is tragic.

But it’s still isn’t too late even in the high school arc of the book, Ai was able to regain her mind in her last moment.


I’m going to talk to my mother right away but if…]

[I understand, even if it’s too late I won’t hold it against you]

Sophia interrupted me midsentence with emotion mixed with anxiety and anticipation


I guess that’s not a bad proposal for Sophia, right By the way I didn’t expect that the scale of this story would be larger than expected.

I was expecting you would ask me which one should you choose between Mika-chan and Mishio-chan]

Ciel let’s out a big sigh and muttered to herself, then took a sip at her tea.

[Those two are dear childhood friends, so it’s not like that]

I chuckled while delivering a protagonist-like line.

In the original story, Ciel would blackmail the protagonist who was worried with his relationship with Puhiko and Mika.

However, I’m in destroy-all-flags-if-it-relates-to-Puhiko kind of guy, and I’m making sure that it will never happen.

That’s how I decided to go on a mission to save Sophia’s Best friend.


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