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Chapter 32: Mom Was Right to be Overprotective

[…I don’t know where did you get that information from… not even your father knows about that much]

Mom who told Ai-chan’s case clearly show her upset that it can even be understood over the phone.

[Don’t be surprised.

Considering the world I’m trying to reach, having that much information gathering ability would be a pre-requisite]

[That’s classified, do you think you can getone out that easily]

[I know, is impossible to procure, but I’m sure are fine aren’t they Even now, you’re actually selling them to conflict areas at a high price and using the proceeds to fund you’re research, so it’s impossible for you not to sell it]

[Sending them to a third-world country and letting them operate inside the country are two different thing! The magnitude of risk is different especially if something went wrong.

If you want an escort, use my agent service as you have in the past.

That should be enough]

[Agent wight be able to provide protection for me but I don’t think they would be willing to dirty their hand for me.

Besides’ it would be to inconspicuous to have a large security detail.

What I want is a small, elite private army.

It is likely that we would clash with in the near future so I need to prepare for now]

The group is the collective name of indigenous anti-shrine people who would try to do lascivious thing to Mika-chan and those who want to take over the shrine to build a waste disposal site there.

[Can you handle that That’s like saying that you’ll drive a truck even though you can’t even drive a bicycle]

[Of course I can, I mean if I can’t do that much do you think I could make it It’s not just about the money, I’m trying to get into the world of power]

[I’m wondering, what you want to achieve… Do you want to rule over Japan]


I’m only doing this to protect the girls I love.

That hasn’t changed a bit.

There’s no such thing as reversing the means and the end]

[Are you trying to say that you are like me…]

[I’m not that cynical.

Besides, you’re still doing me favor like this]

Honestly, though I’m trying to provoke mom’s guilt here.

[I didn’t do that, I’m just talking about business]

Mom sure is a tsundere.

[Then let’s put it that way.

So are you willing to sell Ai to me, since you don’t want to give her to me I mean is she even still alive]

[ is still alive, but I won’t sell her at the same price as the Third-world.

We are only renting them out to them, and as I said before, there are risked involve in domestic operation]

I heard mom tapping on the keyboard.

She’s probably accessing their database.

[I don’t care what mother says.

But if we can get her to operate without any problem, would you willing to sell them to us at a somewhat discounter price after the second personnel.]

[I’ll consider after you send us a feedback report]

[Fine then, Though there would be some information     that I can’t reveal]

And with that agreement, I am able to obtain Ai.


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