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Reincarnating in a Depress

[Hey, Yuuki! What’s happening I thought she was healed already!]

Sophia reflexively pulled out her sword and asked me what’s happening while fighting.

[I think she’s cured, that’s just how she really is]

My body barely react unlike when I encountered a foe greater than a leech, the cursed gene inside should have reacted to her but I felt none.

At least I have succeeded in detuning her myself.

[You’ve really gone and done it, my power went down! This is no better than a Daphnia class! Do you know how hard I had to work to become a class I was so close on being a !]

class is what Mom called class.

In Scylla the term daphnia is considered as an derogatory term, still of course, they’re powerful enough to kill a bunch of thugs instantly even if they come in drove.

Well, this information wasn’t discussed in but it was present in the sequel.

[Clam down please! We don’t have to go for anymore! You don’t have to undergo with those crazy experiment]

[Huh! What are you talking about Chuko I did it because I liked it.

Where in the world is there a facility like Scylla where people can kill each other and become strong Are you stupid]

Ai tilted her head at Sophia’s pleas

(Oh, looks like she is from that side after all)

In the fan disc, when the view point character was Sophia’s she has a sexually benevolent interpretation of Ai in her Berserk state.

On the other hand, the protagonist took the stance of .  Unfortunately, it was left out whether Ai-chan was identified as a natural-born psycho or if she really was bad news because of her involvement in the experiment, but honestly thought it was the former, considering the writer’s personality as evidenced in his other works.

By the way AI is the type of character that looks for stronger adversaries.

[That’s not true! Because when I was new in the institution, you saved me from being targeted because of my silver hair!]

[That’s because I thought Chuko would grow up and be a good training partner! It would have been a waste to kill you there.

Even if I practice with a small fish it won’t even be a training and fighting would be impossible!]

Ai chan said so with dubious look on her face.

By the way Dia-chan a.k.a.


[Then when the young lady came to see me, I planned to catch her attention]

[I told you didn’t I, it would be just a nuisance to have an unwilling person stay halfway through didn’t I]

[I thought you said that out of concern of me and didn’t want me to feel guilty]

[What are you talking about I’m just trying to get into candidate pool! You have talent, but have no ambition.

That’s why I let you out.

I will have fewer rival and you loser would be able to get out alive, it’s a win-win situation for the both of us! Is this how you return a favor to your best friend]

It seems like the concept of friendship exists in Ai on that it’s twisted.

It’s a type of friendship written like this:


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