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Episode 36: Lunatic Character’s Love is Easy (2)

[Who are you]

Ai-chan looked at me there, as if she just notice me for the first time and gave me a quick glance.

[I’m Yuuki Naruse, I’m the son of the Professor (Mom), and I share the same factor as you.]


I can sense a faint smell of power from you , but I never heard of a male member of Scylla… ah you might be the one they called ]

Ai sniffed me like a dog when she approached me.

[I don’t know what you’re talking about.

I’m just a boy who got implanted with the factor to be cured of my illness, I am not strong like you and Sophia]

[That’s right! It would be a bummer if is this weak looking]

Ai nodded in agreement and said so, then swooped away from me.

By the way, is the protagonist of the sequel and is not made out of a lab like Ai chan but is a natural super human who has the innate ability to use the power of curses.

The nickname comes from the fact that calico cat is extremely rare.

And his situation is like that of the light novel Infinite Stratos and like Ogami from Sakura Taisen.

[You’re right, I don’t think I would be able to satisfy you in a real fight, but I believe that I can give you a better environment than Scylla.

You’re wish is to become stronger anyway, right]

[So, you’re saying that you can make me stronger than I am now I’m just weakened for now, right]

[You can’t overexert to much now.

And, just like muscle training resting is a part of training.

I hope you understand that my approach is very different from my mom.

She uses scientific approach while I’ll be going occult science approach.

You may not be happy with the ritual, but if you continue  like this, you will soon lose your ego.

No matter how strong you get if you can’t feel it, then what’s the use of it]

[You’re right… still, it would be better to be a strong mad dog than die like a weak loser]

[But I’d rather turn you into a dogfighting champ than just a mere mad dog.]

I said following Ai’s lead.

[Heh… you seem to be able to talk well.

It makes me wonder how you’ll train me]

Ai made a n amorous gesture of licking her lips while glaring at me.

[for now, all I give you is new armaments and training.

Since the only enemies would be local yakuza]

[Yakuza huh… they’re shabby but I guess it’s better than dealing with those tasteless robots and wooden stick]

[Right By the way the more I climbed the ladder of power you should be able to fight stronger enemies.

You know that high ranking politician have hydra’s as an escort right

And if I go up and gain more power, I’ll naturally have lots of enemies.

I’m weak right now, but I am improving myself.]

[That sounds like a pipe dream]

[Yeah, but you’re neither a hydra nor a genius like .

I think it just right for you to have a partner like me to work together with.]

[I’ll tell you, that I liked it.

As long as you entertain me, I would follow you master.]

Ai called me with a tone showing no respect at all.


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