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Chapter 39: Movie is the King of Entertainment

A week after my meeting with Ciel, I invited Nori to my house.

We sit down facing each other across the table and I told her about the story of a soldier and that I’m going to make a movie using that premise.

[And you want me to write about the script – I knew Yuuki is quite knowledgeable with movies but to think that you were able to put much thought into it is very surprising.]

After listening to me, Nori exclaimed with a rounded eye.

No, I’m not that knowledgeable in movies.

I only know about the fictional movies that appeared in Kumosora or famous movies and those that was hot topics to the public.


I don’t know how to say this but movies are one of the few things that connect me with my mother]

[Yuuki’s mom was once a famous actress, wasn’t she [Jinkai Tensei] was a master piece]

Mom was a fairly famous actress before becoming the Scylla’s director.

Incidentally [Jinkai Tensei] which Nori mentioned is a period drama and during the filming she met dad who was doing research for the movie and fell in love.

Isn’t that romantic

Mom surely is a very enigmatic woman isn’t she


I’m sorry about that.

I don’t mean to be insensitive]

Nori chan apologize dejectedly.

[No, it’s okay.

I decided to make a film because I felt like I could face my mother head on.

Also don’t over think about it]

[Please if it’s ok with you let me do it.

I’ll try to write one and if it isn’t good, you can reject it.]

I have confidence with Nori-chan’s skills.

She is a genius writer who would win the Akutagawa Award, the Naoki Award and the Japan Academy for Screenwriting all at the same time.

I’m sure she will figure something out.


Did you already have a rough draft of the content]

[Yes, but you can still make changes on it in the way you like.

If you want you can make it into a different story from the scratch]

I already knew the story that would be popular in future times, so throwing a draft that feels like a homage.

Specifically it’s a story of a coming-of-age story that jumps through time.

[I don’t think I need to change it.

I think it’s a good story that have all the right requirements that would be loved by the masses.

I’ll try to write suing that materials]



Can I ask a question It doesn’t have anything to do with the movie at all though.]

[What is it]


Why are dressed as a maid Mika-chan]

Nori pointed at Mika who’s wearing a kappogi and was silently standing beside me, and also the one serving us tea and doing other things.

[I change my hairstyle]

Mika declared lightly.

[Mika-nee don’t say that! You’re not a slave!]

I quickly said.

[Eh But the amount of our debt to Yuu-kun is not an amount I can pay on my lifetime you know I guess I have to get permanent job at Yuu-kuns…]

[We don’t have a lender-borrower relationship or any kind don’t we Mika-nee]

[But Yuu-kun lent us a helping hand right]

[I did that because I wanted too, so don’t worry about it.]

[My parent doesn’t seem to see it that way and I don’t want to be an ungrateful child either.

That’s why I will server Yuu-kun with the best of my ability!]

[…and that’s the situation…]

I said while scratching my head in confusion in front of Nori, along with a not my intention appeal.

[It looks like a difficult situation]

[Well this is just a complicated family situation – hah]

I replied to a concerned Nori-chan.


T/N Traffic really did a number on me.



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