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Chapter 42: Love Comes in many Forms (3)

[Baths done! Ehehe.

I borrowed Puhiko-chan’s pajamas]

Mika puts on a pair of short-sleeved pajamas and said shyly.

I always keep a change of clothes for Puhiko at my house, since she has the privilege of being the main heroine.

[Here, Barley tea]

I offer Mika-chan a cup of barley tea.


Mika took it and drank about half of it.

We sat down on the sofa side by side

[So… let me ask you again Yuu-kun.

You saved my family, right]

[Honestly, I’m lost on what to do with the money I’m making.

It looks-like I have talent ion making money so I decided to get my hand on trading.

Then I thought it would be nice if I can help Mika-nee’s family.]

[Is that so I see., then I belong to Yuu-kun now, right]

[Huh What do you mean you are mine now]

[You see, papa and mama told me that since we don’t have enough money to pay Yuu-kun back, I should serve him instead.]

Ah so you’re telling me that I’m now playing the Yakuza that’s standing in the way from the original story.

Fine, as long as I don’t touch Mika-chan, there won’t be any weird flags.

[I don’t need your service.

I didn’t do it because I wanted something in return.]

[But we’re not talking about 100 yen or 500 yen.

I don’t know all the details but it would be a lot of money.]

[Mika-chan, for example.

What would you do if I was drowning in the sea and you were the only one who could save me]

[Of course, I’m going to save you.

I’m your big sister.]

Mika answered immediately.

In fact, in some route, she would die just to save the protagonist.

[Do you think you’ll want something in return from me later then]

[I don’t think I can afford to think about that]

[See! I just did the same thing]

[I see, thanks Yuu-kun, I know understand what you mean]

[I’m glad you understand]

You see that perfect protagonist move The time I’ve spent my time playing gal game isn’t for show.

However, I’m not proud of that.

[But I would still serve you regardless!]

Mika instantly blows my smug retort out of the water.

[eh… why]

[You know.

When mama and papa told me that I belonged to Yuu-kun, it actually made me happy.

If they said that I would be yours in exchange for money that we’ll never be able to pay back, then I could be by your side forever]

[isn’t it the same even without money We’re childhood friends and Mika-nee is Mika-nee…]

[We’re never together.

Even if you call me your sister, that’s not real.

We can’t be together because we are just childhood friends.

I don’t leave next door to you like Puhiko-chan does so I can’t wake you up in the morning or eat dinner with you.

I can’t leave my pajamas like this.

But now that I become yours I am allowed to do that right Yuu-kun would take care of me right]

Mika-chan looks up to me like she’s appealing to me while she say this.

This brought out Mika chan’s naughty side in all of its glory.

As expected from this gal game, it would be impossible to reject this.

The trauma might trigger and a depression flag might raise if I don’t handle this delicately.

[I understood… I’ll think of a job for Mika to do for me, of course aside from serving me.

Is that okay]

(Well, they’re going to find out sooner or later anyway might as well accelerate the plan)

I actually plans to throw off the mask of being in high school, or middle school being the earliest, but that’s until now.

Mika proves to be competent especially in the original story and book so I’ll train her to become my personal secretary.

[Okay then! I’ll be Yuu-kun’s personal nanny until the job is decided!]

Mika-chan declared as if it was decided,

She’s the future student council president and that’s her time to demonstrate her leadership skills.

This clingy nee-chan.


As long as you don’t overdo it]

Ah Puhiko’s jealousy bar would definitely rise won’t it Ah! I don’t want that to happen!


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