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Chapter 44: Production Cost does not Directly Equal the Pleasure of the Work

[So, you’ll take it then!]

I said excitingly while I was holding the phone.

[Yes, we’ve been wanting to get Sayuri into acting for quite a while now and more than anything she seems to be very enthusiastic about it.]

Sayuri’s manager Ms.

Sakuma said in an office lady like tone.

[thank you very much, this will surely make for a good movie!]

Frankly I was relieved.

Although Sayuri have a debt of gratitude to me I was quite worried that she would be held down by her schedule.

[I was worried that she wouldn’t be able to keep up with her busy schedule when I first got the offer.

I wasn’t really that enthusiastic at first because no matter how much Sayuri owed you her life I would turn it down if it would damage her branding as an idol by putting her in an amateur production, even if it meant that I would become one of her detractors]

[That’s a natural concern, but since you accepted the offer, I assume that your office has agreed to it, right]


Because the script was better than I imagined and on top of that, that director Hakusan is going to direct the movie, so how could I refuse But still you took a very big gamble, didn’t you]


Sakuma said as if being impressed.

[Hmm Well, we did put a large budget for it since it’s a venture…]

I couldn’t grasp her intention so I middled my word.


I don’t mean anything about that.

I just mean in regards to appointing Director Shirayama.

You knew the director’s character yet you still decided to entrust him with such a large budget, didn’t you I think it’s a wonderful spirit of challenge amidst the increasing number of boring films that aims for the cheapest pie.]

[…Erm, I s director Shirayama that much of a jerk]

Director Shirayama is a director that exist in the real world and isn’t part of the lore of Kumosora.

From the interview I saw when he won some film award before, he seems to be a sensible person…

[I was wondering if you are aware of the fact since he was going to be in the film.

So you knew that he was thrown out of the director role halfway through the film because of a dispute and that’s why he’s being shun.

Everyone in the industry knew that story]

(Aaaaaah dammit no wonder the great director said he’d make a film financed by someone with no track record whatsoever!)

It goes without saying.

I’m a galge fanatic not some movie fanatic, that’s why I don’t give a damn what ever happened behind the scene with the director.

[Was it sexual harassment, power harassment or something along those line]

It would indeed become a problem if he is the kind of guy who would cause strange trauma to the heroine.

[Of course not.

He’s the type that didn’t give compromise when it comes to movies.

In the previous movie, he was so displeased with an actor who was politically casted that he never accepted the actor’s performance, no matter how much the poor guy cried and complained he was dropped out of the movie after it became over scheduled]

(Urgh, political casting is exactly what I’m trying to do right now.)

I break out in a cold sweat

[Hahaha… That’s alright then.

You know what they said a good artist often a madman]

I said that forcefully.

Well, it’s too late to regret, now that I’ve paid the money and there’s no going back now.

[I know that’s why I decided to bring out Sayuri because the director won’t let her through if she was a bad actress.

I don’t want her to be casted in a cheap movie then made fun of just because she is an idol.]

[Yeah, that’s right! Let’s show that the Japanese Movie industry has Hakusan and Sayuri!]

I shouted

[You really are motivated, aren’t you We’ll be starting soon, won’t we Sayuri will be coming over after filming the child actors also I would like you to manage her schedule, since we can’t have her extend no matter how many shot Hakusan directs]


Sakuma reminded me

[It’s fine, since this is my hometown, we can be flexible to the director’s whim so I’m pretty sure we will be able to make it all work out]

We’ve come so far and we’ve got no choice but to storm through!


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