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Chapter 5: Gal games are made up of writers’ massive ego

As I silently prepare the fishing rods, I think about it.

(Since I’m now the protagonist of Kumosora, do I have to appropriately capture the heroines of this galge It’s technically not impossible but…)

Honestly, clearing Kumosora is not very difficult task, since the game itself is no difficult to begin with.

Regardless of which heroine you choose, as long as you don’t make a lot of wrong choices in the part leading up to the end of the game and lowers your favorability, and does not make any mistake on two or three important choices at the end of the game, you can usually clear it.

So you ask, where’s the problem there

It’s the course of the story, which is absurdly dangerous.

 For example: Puhiko’s route is as epic as you can expected from the main heroine, which is about “Being reincarnated repeatedly for a thousand year and unraveling the fate that led to the curse while maintaining a single love”

Written as a romantic story but in reality, is a story of you being thrown in the front line of war repeatedly since from the Onin war up to the Second World War.

The reason for that is that the story is setup where the curse of the god Hiruko, who was abandoned by the god of the country since ancient time, triggers people to fight

It is just plain crazy, in the game, it doesn’t matter how badly the main character gets hurt, Just by reading the text for and hour or two you can skip tens of thousand of years, but if you’ll going to be force to experience that tens and thousand of years of being reincarnated repeatedly you’ll surely go insane.

Your mind will inevitably break!

(Anyway, I definitely don’t like to take Puhiko’s route.

It’s really painful)

So if it’s not Puhiko’s route, is it okay


The other Heroine’s route is “The protagonist takes a part of the curse as a result he gains immortality and with the power of the time loop, he became strong while getting killed repeatedly by monsters and assassins” or “in order to find the heroine that was trapped in a nightmare, he needs to dive in the spiritual world that is nothing but a psycho-zombie-like sludge and mess” and so on

All of them seems like a typical route for a gal game, but in reality, those are the things I don’t want to experience ever.

Kumosora is a drama game and I understand that to make an exciting drama game, there must be suitable obstacle, but in the case of this game, everything is too much.

It’s gross, gruesome and messy.

(To begin with the game writer has a humiliation and gore fetish)

I found out after buying the game, that the writer for this gal game was a man who was famous in the forbidden 18 genre.

I wondered if he was forced to write about the genre that wasn’t in his taste and as to relieve his frustration, push the protagonist to the limit in his ordeal.

The kid that I was that time would say “I love this edginess, but I definitely don’t want to experience it in real life.”

In fact, I think the unnecessarily brutal and gruesome scenes are the reason why this game is only an honorable mention.

It’s not for the general public.

In fact, the writer might want to write something like a harsher version of Hi●rashi, but as a result of being rejected commercially, the drama game element that was popular at that time was put in, which I guess ended up being Kumosora.


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