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Chapter 46: A Great Director Destroys a House for a Good Scene (2)

Notice: I’ll be delaying the release of Monster life because i was under the influence of alcohol when i transfer it from machine translation, so i need to recheck it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Please be gentler but still push her away.

Do it like you want to keep distance but still be kind because at this stage the heroine and you doesn’t know each other much.

The director points out.

Well I don’t mind it since Kaoru is too kind.

[Stand by, 5,4,3,2,1]

The opening scene was once again shot.

[Are you okay]

[Oh, thank you]

[It’s nothing.

I just didn’t want to get the precinct stained with blood]


(Why!! My Best friend is trying so hard!)

I suddenly fell in deep thought.

To the untrained eye it seemed to me that Kaoru was doing exactly what the director wanted.

[No, There’s something missing.

Like a big bird it’s more like a bird’s eye view….]

Then the director gets up and starts walking in circled while stroking his chin while speaking poetic.

[What’s the matter director If there’s a problem with my script, I can fix it as long as it’s reasonable]

Nori asked anxiously.

[No, there’s nothing wrong with it.

I just want to develop it more faithfully.

Since the hero is actually from the future and he knows about everything.

Meaning that even though he is a young boy, he needs to have some sense of perspective and this doesn’t seem to be a problem that can be solve by acting instruction alone.]

[Does that mean I need to change the role of the hero]

[Yes, If possible.

Your acting was not bad so don’t be discouraged]

The director said as if the change is set in stone.

Well, once a big named director say so then no one can resist.

(I wonder If I should have pulled in a new director who is compliant and not greedy)

I am regretting it now, but sadly I am no film expert, so I don’t have any contacts with other directors.

[What would you do if I told you to change it would you pick from the extras]

Nori chan said with a puzzled look

[That probably won’t work.

There are many child actors who take an objective approach so that won’t work.

I’m looking for someone who oozes with resignation towards life and the world in a broader sense.

Yes, just like you for example]

Then, Director Shirayama looked at me with archaic smile.


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