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Chapter 48: A Great Director Destroys a House for a Good Scene (4)

[Huh me]

Ai who had been playing with the ants by throwing it in an ant lion’s nest lazily fires a retort at the director.

No, it might be true that she oozes that mad aura, but come on her character is far too different.

[Yeah, you’re quite insane.

Could you try playing the heroine]

I think that was a tough call since unlike me Ai doesn’t remember the script.

I honestly want to refuse.

[No problem.

It’s a scene with children playing.

There’s no need to stick with the dialogue.]

[However, Ai’s appearance is far from Japanese.

Would she fit in the Japanese setting Wouldn’t that cause inconsistency when Sayuri plays later]

Nori asked.

[We can fix that with makeup, also realism and reality are two different things.

Example Setsuko Hara’s face is fluffy but did she have any trouble acting as a Japanese woman]

[No her performances were all great.

I see now what you meant.]

Nori noddingly approved.

No matter how much a future genius author Nori is she is indeed no match to current legends.

[Don’t go putting me in your story.

Even if it’s an act, there’s no way I’m playing a role of a loser and a bullied.

You want me to kill you, old bastard]

[Ah! That’s it I wanted that rebellious spirit! Come get in front of the camera!]

Despite Ai berating him, Director Shirayama happily kneeled in front of her.

Was he a masochist

[I told you I don’t want to! Do you want me to spill your blood for you to understand]


If you do what I say I would bring you to a place where you can train to be strong enough to kill Diamond right away.

So, bear with it for now]

I whispered in Ai’s ear, who was seriously in the verge of killing Director Shirayama.

[Really If I found out that you’re lying, I’ll stick your head on that old man’s ass okay]

[Of course, I’m a man of my word]

I answer confidently at Ai’s threat

[I can’t help it, I don’t feel like playing tag if I got caught and still get out in one piece]

Ai then filled the hole of the ant lion’s nest and lifted her body up…

Well Ai-chan is an enhanced human who experience a deadly game of tag in mom’s laboratory, so usual ones don’t thrill her.

[Alright, then let’s resume shooting… 5 , 4 , 3, 2, 1]

Thus the filming resumed as Director Shirayama wished.

Then I moved to the shadow of the precinct while being aware of the camera.


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