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And thus, the first day of filming ends with no incident despite some unforeseen events.

As the sun sets, we retired to the resting area for the stuff.

On a long folding table, there were bottled drinks and snack made with the help of the neighbors.

Incidentally it was organized by Mika-chan.

Even no she is busily walking around the place, spreading her healing charms.

[I had a very good day we got some good shots]

Director Shirayama sat down in his chair and drank a cup of barley tea

I have the image that actor and actresses likes to drink a lot of alcohol but director Hakusan is quite a stoic eater ad he doesn’t drink or smoke at all.

[I was surprised.

I didn’t expect Yuuki to be able to act that great]

Nori muttered as sher wrote int the script like she noticed something.

(Well, I’m always acting the protagonist all the time)

[Is that so]

I smiled shyly

[Yeah! Yuu-kun is cool!]

Puhiko said while showing a sparkling look

(She’s still optimistic even though the heroine’s role was taken from her.)

Puhiko who’s a walking jealousy machine doesn’t seem to think that I could be taken by Ai-chan who pops out of nowhere.

And because of her negligence she would always becomes the losing heroine in other heroine’s route and be beaten even in Kumosora’s popularity contests.

She’s the annoying type that gets jealous when it’s too late then regrets and explodes.

Well if there are two childhood friends in a gal game it’s only natural to for one to loose.

[It’s strange.

The hero in this case is created  based on the actor whoi played the adolescent and so is the child actor so in that regards it would be the exact opposite of Yuuki-kun]

Nori suddenly blurted after stopping her pen and thought about it.

The new one is the handsome guy who will be Sayuri’s partner

[I beg to differ, I think Yuuki was the closest one here in terms of the essence of character, that’s why I nominated him to do it.

I don’t know if you are aware of it but Nori-san, when creating a character for a lover of the opposite sex the creator could not help project one own’s fantasy of an ideal partner towards the character they created.]

Director Shirayama said while smiling.

Wow, this guy is a pain in the ass.

He’s trying to set up a flag filled with troublesome topics.

So decided to stand up and pretend to get and get a drink.

[Isn’t it tactless to talk about puppy love without permission]

Nori-chan muttered while hiding her embarrassment.


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