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Chapter 49 Old woman tends to bring troublesome flag (Part 2)

[Sorry, sorry.

But you know, love is a good thing.

Whether it’s fun or painful, both are good for life, so you should fall in love more]

Hey! Don’t say something like that you sound like a fake doctor, the fate of the world rest on my love life.

[That’s right Yuuki, if you were to make a movie what kind of heroine would you like to make]

[Hm… I don’t understand.

I’m not going to save any heroine from the Oni at a game of tag since a win is a win and their participation is their responsibility]

I said trying to feign that I didn’t hear the question and the context of it from the conversation of the two.

The who do you like question is a land mine, choosing one would definitely drop other heroine’s likeability unnecessarily.

That’s why I choose to ignore it.

[That’s right Yuuki-kun is the type that would accompany someone in a secret training]

Nori chuckled.

This girl’s likeability gauge had increased.

Maybe[T1] .

[Yuuki’s performance was good, but I was also surprised with Nori’s performance.

I don’t mean to be rude but you surprise me on how well you act]

Ai muttered while lending her shoulder to Nagisa who was starting to doze off.

[By the way, I’m happy for you AI, you are now an actress after quitting to be my body guard]

I nodded at her.

I can’t objectively evaluate my own acting, but I can do it on Ai’s acting.

The teary eyed performance, in particular, took the breath away of the onlooker, and was perfect.

Well as per Sophia, this one is more like the real thing.  The image of Ai being a fragile and gentle girl.

Anyway I’m relieve to prove that Dir.

Shirayama is really a good movie-maker.

[What I don’t care about that, if your going to make a movie make it with lots of blood and gore.]

Ai looks really bored.

She looked at me like a student who look at her master that can catch a fly using a chopstick, with full of expectation.

There’s an action scene in the latter half of the film when she goes against Yakuza but since this is a Coming-of-age story it would be keep into miminum

[No that would be something that would hurt us in the rating system and might cause us to loose our main audience.

Also the fact that we have to ascertain Sayuri’s image]

I calmed down the director when he is about to made another movie-idiot act.

His kind are those who will make films without the regards to commercial market once they are left to their own device

[If Sayuri-chan’s career is to take off, I want it that she is not aware of the fact that this is an idol movie]

[Considering Sayuri’s entertainment career, I genuinely don’t think we need gore scene on the film.

And if it leans too much on violence the theme there would be blurred too much]

The contentious debate continued.

I confess at this point; I was genuinely enjoying myself.

At first I did this movie with a calculating reason.

But for someone like me, who never get serious with study and club activity, this is a very fresh and stimulating experience as if reliving my youth.

Well, it was only later when I learned that monologue like this is usually a flag.


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