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Chapter 50: Star Encounter Calls Up a Storm

[Kohinata-san, this is Nishiryu-san, I’m coming in]

The shopping street that we are filming is enveloped by an unusual atmosphere of excitement.

It was only natural; it was only natural given the appearance of two big stars who were taking the world by storm.

The people from country-side who would never have a chance to see two big stars would definitely get excited making the fans of Sayuri and the lead actor to come in flocking.

Thus, the market street that was closed become lively.

Since there’s a lack of convenience store, the farmers took this opportunity to sell rice balls and barley tea.

I hope the actors and staff get their fill and there’s nothing wrong with earning extra cash

(I knew it, it’s look better when pros do it)

I nodded as I watched Sayuri and the actor from outside the set.

[First, you’re the hero who save the princess, then a movie sponsor now you’re an actor Who are you really]

Sakuma-san, who was following Sayuri to the film set, approached me.

[It just happened]

[Hmm… It wouldn’t be a big deal if it’s easy to do acting and also the fact that I never heard of the girl as well.]

[Do you mean Ai She’s my secret weapon]

I smiled proudly.

[So, you’ll probably create your office and be our enemy then]

[Enemy is kind of harsh word.

Why don’t we just create a harmonious relationship and co-prosperity like civilized people.

I’m thinking of having us take lesson under your office for a commission since I’m planning to add more girls soon]

If possible, I would like to create an idol group.

I know in the near future idol groups like AKB would be popular.

[I’d be happy to talk about it with my superiors about it.

But if you have someone good, we want to pull her to our side.]

[That’s fine]

I said half-heartedly, the girls that my mom is going to send me are basically going to be soldiers.

But I would feel sorry for them if the way they live will be just limited to one so I want to open an option for them to choose another path by giving them the ability to get in the entertainment industry and choose their own path for their future.

Of course, I would ask them to pay me back for the price I pay mom for them.

[I don’t think that would happen, Sayuri’s star quality is on different realm]

[I’m joking, I’m joking]

It was Sakuma-san’s turn to look so proud.

[it’s about to start, isn’t it]


So, we went and shut our mouth and the tension rose from the room quickly.

[Everyone ready! 5,4,3,2,1]

[We used to walk like this right In this road]

Sayuri who’s in a school uniform, looks so nostalgic.

[after a game of tag]

The handsome guy said coolly.


Remembered when we tried to buy sweets and I only have 5 yen while you only have 10 yen]

[Yeah, I remembered, we bought a candy bar and split it in half]

[You took the bigger one though]

[Is that so But I gave you 5 yen so why not After all it belongs to my family]

[That’s right! Even though maybe asking for god’s favor has no effect]

[Is that something a son of a Shinto priest would say]

[Because, even if lots of people pray the shopping street is still like this]

[Yeah, completely deserted and the candy shop is gone now.

There is no one here except for us.

It’s lonely….]

[It might not be unexpectedly bad]

[why did you say that]

[Because I can hold your hand without getting embarrassed]

[Oi! Oi! Oi! You’re so noisy, whose turf are you messing here!]

[You haven’t gotten permission from Saigagumi yet huh!]

Suddenly loud voiced onii-san suddenly interrupted the filming.

What’s going on Wasn’t the Yakuza scene set to be filmed later on


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